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Jesse Bergeron

Literally all of these popsicles could kill me.... Allergies are the worst.

Philip Rentschler

The rabid toy is in the mission big brother


Betcha they all got tetanus shots before/after this to be safe

Buck baa

i was like oh this guy is reasonable but the minute i heard something about him killing his brothers i was like oh fuck u man

C T Films

I can hardly bowl a strike when I’m looking forward

Lara Croft

Excited to see what the next movie wil be!! Go Guru!

T e C h N o L O G y


I didn't like mirrors edge. For good reasons. Mainly the fact that it spends so much time underground and ruining the flow for me.


You knw king breezy gotta get the summer lit🔥🔥 nobody do it better.


Why does Indiana Jones died naked?

Kid: show kneecap

Lol axb

fuck you

Also if you look up a movie called Cold Storage 2006, that movie has multiple ASMR moments throughout the film.

Abdurrahman Son

So, whydon't you win the world cup of basketball?


I recognised almost all of the monsters,except for the ballerina and meat slugs.

Amanda Conover

i know someone with all the symptoms you mentioned.. should i say something?

Drybler 12

Mario Kart + PUBG

Rebecca Sattergren


Sal Ryan Mejia


Juan Gaspar



3:59 yeah, kids, take a coffee and your pain will go away

Maxxy T

1 like = one more watch for cory

Miina Antons Vahtras

This story was so pretty this channel shows to people how do be and deffend others and dont judge anyone cuz their looks


I think KD is staying! Can he heal from an achillies by next season's first game?

Exit Humanity

Love your vid but way to much talos principle

Luciano DeRenzo

i have a feeling garret is the panda

Can somebody explain ?


this is actually very informative and creative


Stevenrude - R2D2STORM

Josh Outhaivong

Is that Jerome..?

He hates me I hate him

Nika Shengelia

I want that bow and arrows

Khoa the Awesome Guy EST. 2011

My score is 120

Kazmar Vlogs

I wish I could be as cool as them

Ashley C.

Poor Panda. :/ And OMGG...I've been to that park a few times! :)


There was actually an easter egg within one of your easter eggs. At 3:41 the sign of the hair salon translates to "harryhausen" as in Ray harryhausen, a famous animator and writer who worked on movies like Clash of the Titans.

Jamieriggensyahoo.com187 Riggens

Your talents and skills are 0. What's your agenda?


Isn’t that illegal??

Cristiano Ronaldo7 fucking smashed his teacher with chair and he got EXPELLED AND STILL HE WAS SUCCESSFUL. I slept in bed

HoneyMelon Xx

Me : gets sick and needs to stay home So, the next time you contemplate suicide... No one in the universe:



luca Ghiani

The Song intro

Nikola Angelov

Tears are roling on my face

Mahbub Rafsan

Dude Perfect was done perfectly for their first time 😍

SkyrushYes MindEraserNo

Weights for Dates is definitely me

ameneh Abbasi

that also happend to me but I don't know who I got away with it and I am 13

Audo and ChuckleNuts

Another really sad one is the Easter egg in the song “Save me some sugar” from Left 4 Dead 2.

Eli Tunes

I broke my pinky toe