How to create your own Forex strategy | Professional traders trading tutorial in Hindi and Urdu

Forex trading is world biggest business of the world. best for beginners use any experience trader strategy. but if you want to create your own Forex trading strategy, this is not difficult. remember some points and work hard. First make a plan, write all points and work on demo trading account. write and understand all strategy points like time frame, indicator, money management etc. if your strategy give you good profit, after 1 month try on real account. First work on low investment minimum 2 month, decide Forex trading broker and account type. now your strategy is best for you. here biggest problem for beginners, he not learn Forex basics and try to create own trading strategy. first not try on practice account, first time try on huge investment website. and this is biggest reason of strategy fail. all information about how to create your own Forex trading strategy in Hindi and Urdu by Tani Forex. For more basics tutorials and professional traders tutorial visit

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