How to Fundamental Analysis in Forex | Part- 2 | Forex School BD

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Yagimy Light

Why do you have to make me cry 😭

Samuel Terrell

Who's watching in 2k19

Chimgee Barsuren

Brent from MRbrent98 ?

Mr Quackers

Just say good job on the videos bro I love them

Geo Derpy

This one is not in it but I am the one who buys popcorn and doesn’t eat it


I love that game.

the Flight Channel Film

1:06 If people see,They think its bomb,Because its like nuke or bomb and its cool thought,All of it and sorry i am late

Wife: I hope she teach you a freaking lesson

Plutonian Buckley



If the blob is the player (a mass of players, representing all variations of possible players) you end up breaking yourself out of the game.

mike majesk

can you guys stop wearing camo in videos its hard to see you


Why would people unlike this video!!!

kitmen gold

And he still can't host fucking meme review

Cameron Kuhn

Who is. Watching in 2018


DJ Fupa!

Joe Martin

Put Cody in a box of spides🕷🕷🕷🕷

Tiago Mariano

Can't believe i didn't see that one in TW2

Mr. Ojinaga man

4:20 minutes eh?

Rage monster ( missed the winning goal or something)

dino sambo

To bad Mipha dead. Zelda's gonna slurp link up

Jon Martin

There must be a Marbles clothing line. Make this happen.

Cox Skillz

In CoD2 ther are a teddy bear at the mission training and this bear ther are several places in the brit and the american campaign

Willy Bonka

Still loving the videos and music you put in them, never stop doing what you do

Jay Hom

Tanner was literally a little kid thinking he knows everything and doing things wrong right after they predicted he would fail to then be proven that he actually did fail 90% of this video and it was hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣 poor tanner. Dont worry hes teaching everyone else what NOT to do and what is gonna go wrong 🤣🤣🤣

How would I know you haven't told us

Reverse Reverse


Leonardo Morales

2:24 coaster. 2:58 COASTER


obviously a die hard metal fan who probably cuts himself because of false depression and attention seeking.

mom chan

Im thepickle eater

In Monsters INC, the number is visible in background when Sully sees Albérique and Ferdinand loading the compactor of waste ! ;D

Kohen Bryant-Saunders

panda is awesome


5:14 ahhh i love this one xD

Kayleigh Fry

Never mind


You forgot about the half life reference about the saw in the school, great video tho, thumbs up


Professional athletes have to be the next stage in human evolution. They just forgot to tell my Raiders, though.

Holy Templar

Lowkey Disney’s worst movie

Asif Khan

I felt very sad seeing that CoD MW3 easter egg. :-(

Igor Bechtlufft

Man, was The Witch fucking great.

Yareth Gaming

Gta 5 ghost secret use flashlight to see the ghost better from closer

Like if you want to see it

The killer generation


stephane lambert

Sean Garnier 🇫🇷

Ellin Eki

Nice broohh

Abnormal Four

Ok youtube, I finally watched it.

Ashley Reynolds

Y’all are so cool

KunsaK KunsaK

Yu.Coby. Wear. A. Purple. Shirt


Pure Imagination "Trap" Remix <3

Cocktail Gecko

Coby is an epic child carer!

Jeff anderson

Damn these are good videos

Gamer9 Smith

im the pool guy

Friendzone level 9999

Mauricio Perez

You can see his face reaction to how much it was he wasn’t expecting that shit to be almost 3bands

Terry Benz

The snuggle pillow was the best! I vote green


the ending was a nice trolling. I thought your narrative of the ending was perfect but eh you murdered it. lol

J Montana

Anybody know the outro song?


Anne Torrevillas

Me: cant even shoot threes

Yiamxel Marino

YES my favorite team is on DUDEPURFECT

sadbjs .-.

Hit or miss I guess you always miss HUH.