How to Manage Losing Trades: Losing to Win! 😉

How to Manage Losing Trades: Losing to Win! Loving the Losers.PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE!If you can look at your trading in terms of winning and losing trades, how you look at losers is going to make the difference between someone who loses money or makes money.It sounds obvious but if you let a losing trade really damage your account it can undo a lot of the work you have done in the past.Look at your profit and loss for the year and see how much more profitable you would have been if these were absent.It is all about minimising the losers.When you are involved in a losing trade its about nipping in the bud quickly.If you are in a streak of losers, know that is telling you something.Is it outside of normal expectancy?Related VideosRisk Management: Accepting RISK in Trading 👊the Fear of Loss (Pulling the Trigger)Trading: Learn How to Pull the Trigger on a TradeMore Focused During the Trading Day by Using AlertsYour Mental Capital: Pro Tips To Manage Your Emotional Capital And Trade BetterTo Remove Doubts, Uncertainty And Fear In Trading 🤘A HAPPY LOSING TRADER? 😖😲

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