How to Open a Forex Trading Account | Getting Started on Forex

In this video we talk about how to open a trading account, this is a quick lesson/guide for all the people looking to getting started trading forex.Trusted Broker: PREMIUM FREE TRIALAcceleratorWebinar ,Signals, Course (50% OFF) sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!•Instagram: @Colt949•Facebook:

Aarthav Jindal

TY forgot to do his signature move

Bean Burrito Supreme

pause at 2:44 at the right time and a guys picture can be found in the monsters mouth :) is that a guru easter egg lol

Gema Zavala

You're sent from god

Dat Boi

Hopefully u don't play sports........

Janosch Scheldt

Nothing can beat a good WWI game! Nothing.

Jessie Pierce


Blur Rains

Isn’t this game dead?

Rhianna Redmond

You are very lucky, but make sure your future isnt too bright

Jaren Hudson

panda picklehahahaha

"I disagree with the lgbt community"


2:30 found a guru Easter egg. At the bottom of the treasure list it sais "this game is dope as fuck dude"

Ryan Pate

Holy crap. Guru you are the best person alive. KEEP UP TEH GOOD WORK

Longing fantasy Channel

What happen if you cook a egg with molten metal when you pour it on

gummygloria gloria .q dogs


90% of comments: uses this meme/text

I Be Jungshook

Just adopt a baby ;-;

Day 1:(cramps)starts and gets heavier as time goes on. Me:u poor?

Chase Rogers

The audio in this is terrible

Fisher Robin

Answer me


Why so short tho

hannaisa gomez

Yo anaisa

you : pls no aaaah!!!!

Emma Burcusel


Doesn't have any time it's always work

Zed Nexus Gamer

I don't think jacks ever seen a rainbow...

BathroomBreakz TM


maoam 2002

It‘s rewind time

The ytp guy

Where’s the good smosh that I used to know

josiah jackson

i love them ❤

Anders Kjeldsen

No not The dog... D:

Enjoyment in confusing people

Shane Emersen

Why are there no flowers in trabia garden?

Will Bill

7:08Looks like Ned Forrester made some sales!

Fl4me 561

9/11 lite


fucking decadent!

Carter_The _Gaming_Blueberry

No Ricardo’s shots were so fake they edited his shots


Who is watching that on dad day 2019?

Pigeon Man

i just watched the "reading mean comments" vid on h3

Edward Sells

Don’t miss with ty


8:00 what it feels like returning Marquette King's punt

Leroy Gordon

KD better sit his as down and heal up before he be like DeMarcus cousins. A could be max player that's now a low level player barely earning 3 million a year.