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Your claim that you’re a parent doesn’t reflect well upon you, in fact, it makes you that MUCH more worse of a despicable individual. You also demonstrate an extremely limited knowledge of people from Brazil or “third world” countries, yet you rant and rave on about them -another sign of being an emotionally and psychologically immature, unevovled, attention seeking failure to the human species.


1:34 DJ Khaled's in that hallway...


Why censor bullying?

Official Michael Angelo

they copied did you know gaming

John Clark

you guys should make more

Vikrant Gade

3.41 ummmm you are suppose to jump at that moment not make way for the ball😅

David Suttles

Like if the DP spinner is cool;)

Grant Herman

I Dont Think Cody will do bad

Brooke Walton

17 bounces


Well theres a one huge ass easter egg - none of MGS endings are canon. You have too choose between Meryl and Otacon, but later theyre both alive

Brody boy 24

Team purple hoser

King Cheeto

Thank you for not just critizing people and lecturing them also being sarcastic And your actually helping someone

padon 998


t Conjares

Shot in a volcano

Angie Victorio

Is anyone confused no okay me

Pedro Pedro

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wow... Your life was like what mine is now... Just without the Physical Aggression (I don't like fighting xD)

The Red Sterling Mc'Bae

The obviously more conservative retorts in the comment section is just 1 of 1,00,000,000 reasons why I'm not conservative. XD Jebus H. Christ. They probably got turned in a whim by some peeping bigot neighbor who called anonymously (of course) and who was just so "concerned" about why a bunch of "foreign" looking/sounding people had a nice house, car and job, and a nice family (too many "other" kids being born on "their" soil) or something.

Zoey C

I love how my husband and I both can relate to being scared of the washroom

Heidi Winfield

team panda

Rosie Hillier

I’m not diagnosed with panic disorder but I do have about 3 a month. I am diagnosed with GAD.


Like si hablas español y crees que son los putos amos

ice wizard

Dunks! Next video.

Tim Meehan

Dp treats panda horrible it not funny

TheMasterofCookies HD

This is gonna ruin the game so


i love arrested development

Laney Wright

5:48 I’m struggling to believe that Joey said finna 😂

cloak prime

Y'all can not tell me this doesn't remind you of sword art online the anime

Uni Poop

I wish I had her step mom to be my mom.

Me: I got his on tape let me put it on Yt

It Your 1 Boy

At 3:39 Cody gave congrats to Tyler for destroying his car 😂


The Music sounds like the music from the beginning of IT 2017

Margie Ortiz



Air Support CHICKEN!!!


the match one in the beggining is fake if not its illegal those matches were banned awhile ago and possesion of them is a felony so dude perfect tell me was it illegal or fake?

mary gotta find better friends

Z a

you the best funwithguru i love your videos ❤

Jack Velo

Do Soccer Stereotypes


We do itto!


This game is awsome i agree

Steven J

@lookslikeharry2 the panda is half black -.-


Were the part where he says his personality? This title is cLiCkbAiT