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Rosie Saint

I feel Brave vibes wtf

Ella Paterson

Look at my name... (its the same as this person)




Is that the Minecraft trailer song?

Тоша Плей



I'm the smuggler and the sunlight shocker.

Caleb Yazzie

Guru please be my friend on ps3 I'm a big fan and I love you my name is Caleb I'm 10 so please be my friend please Thank you My Account is ZombieFan56 Thank you Thank you Thank you

Steam Trail

these aren't adult jokes anymore, they're kids jokes now

Dan Jumash

*magnesium sitting next to a forest

Hotdog Steve Harvey

Pornhub HQ

Megan Esp

Tys dad has a fake beard on! Lol

WYATT hunter

love every video

arjun sidhu

then why you callin her your step mom? judging from the title.

JustAnotherOtaku :3

Mr. electro send buzz to the principle’s office and have him expelled!

Corey Hodgson



my 17 year old mother who was only 17 at the time

Deez Nuts Got Eem

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Muhammed Emre Ozturk

Great idea

Hevos Hullu

Bruh he looks like Hiro from big hero 6 xd


You’re up kip.

Derik Jensen

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Hoof Hearted

Hannah where are you we need you

A Random Guy With A Generic Name

Oh my God! Those kitties are SO cute!

Thank you sooo much for sharing such a great insight :')

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Marcsi Kovács