How to profit from trading the TREND | US 30 trade review

Here is a simple trade review video showing you how I was able to profit from trading a down trend on the US30 markets that was predicted to breakout from the low levels to begin moving in a buillish direction.Link to the article I mention you must read: about getting started with trading in the financial markets request study information Please email any info regarding suspected scammers to scamline@msequitiestrading.com1 million US DOLLAR trader search. Apply today. the ZAR 500,000 allocation made to MS E WEALTH: to read (ABOUT US)to our verified trading portfoliosMS E PRIME: E ALFA: E NOVA: The capital amounts shown are a representation of a single micro fund portfolio. It does not represent the total AUCT (Assets under Copy Trade)Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Links to brokers with exemplary track records. (NO, we do not take ANY income from recommending these brokers. We do not take any liability)Student broker (Not available to students inside USA)South Africa: broker to US students only

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