How to properly place support and resistance lines


Lady Tee

How could you dislike this. Folks are just miserable. This was a well put together video.... the pain is still present. I cried. 💙🏁💙🏁💙🏁💟🏁💟🏁💟🏁 Smh..... #RIHKingNip

Meredith Spears

why are young people showing so much death in there videos?

Kamal Clifton

LOL. She is so cool; one of the guys.


I cant even describe how much I loved this video! This is another level! Its done soo well xx

กิติศักดิ์ เจริญสุข



If you were a video game character, who would you be

Roundish lyric

how did you find this easter eggs?

Dillin Rademeyer

Look at 04:09 he bals


I had this for three months straight, I totally feel her.

And please like so dp can see

UK babyyy :D

Bum Child

Where is crash bandicoot in this D:

The Illusive Man

kept you waiting huh?

Marihuana y bebida

Hachumall Love

Her: so I did what any person would do and stalked his profile.

Posion Knight

1:36 those hands taunt me

Trevy Trev

Good video, like always

geometry dash gamer yt


Leo Plays

This is real Football Not SOCCER realise it!!!

Wikilix XD

The title sounds like fifthy shades of gray

Varchas Kashyap

I love u Tyler

Pink Potato

even the anime have a difference

Blu -wolfwere- Lycan

I don't know what it's like to have a mum that cares.. what's it like to have a mum that cares and doesn't hit you or yell at you for no reason

Hutch Cleaver

Who is the panda

christogaming1 van den Berg

Were is south African servers at?

Joods PS4-DISNEY INFINITY let's plays

Exept the first trick shot

Elias BRO

mun lempi pelaaja on migael granlund

artist: *DrAwS bRoWn HaIr*

and i don't have time for it

ThisIsNai T

Thats Crazy dudes thatsPerfect

T Guthrie

To show you the power of felx tape i built a boat.

Christian Vang

If I asked my crush out on Facebook,and they would say,Not intrested

To Many Memes For Me To Read

This is what my best friend did to me...😔


Can you make an Eminem origin story like you did here?


What's the soundtrack in the mario 3dland easter egg?

Me:you could`ev lose your life.


Lol so many uncharted Easter eggs LOLOLOL :D

Mody Jay

Nice vid guru ! <3