How to really understand correct supply & demand levels and the rules to trade them

These are the rules I follow to find great supply or demand levels that work more than 50% of the time.

bust down

it’s sad how he was so nice in the beginning 😩

Athex !

I had Nemonia


Some say the shoe is still falling...

Razor gaming

Stereotype ftw


Wow, Edward in the poster even had Reed next to him


Ephram E

Is this at the Olympic training center in Colorado?


Then stop getting you a mans who is rich! xD

Mason CP 11

2:25 ... RIP to the GOAT 🐐


It is a reference to Watch dogs. The two stripes over the zipper for example and the picture you showed, the arms are in his pockets like they always are in the game.

Karl-A. Michaud

Go Canada


Kept a straight face the whole vid


this is 4 mins though

Klay Thompson


Henry Willis Vlogs

@foreverflame88 fuck you god squad bitch

Makayla Sejkora



Kaye Jackson

I'm a tomboy

if your Philipino yall know the beat OF that heheh

Aesthe tics

I'm not crying ur crying >:'(

Disney World Wide

My mum is never there for me..... She always say that "be more like you brother" or "your useless" and "your not worth any body's time you just wast it" and now I have depression from her and school but i,m not going to say nothing about school . She hurts me bye hitting me around the face sometimes and she ignores me and I know I,m trash!😶 When I am down my dad and granny and grandad and others who I only see 2 times a week are there for me including my 2 BFF'S.

lol but seriously, sorry...


roses are redviolets are blueDude Perfect is amazingDude Perfect:Yeah

Tom Clark

Halo has some great easter eggs! :3

Lil denik lolka

It is fotoshoop

Random Person

Introverts just have a short limit on how long they can deal with hanging out with friends. I think Sophie just has extreme introvert or just hates parties or crowds

Yeah cut the bullshit and stop taking money from honest creators

I mean, he is already a patriotic character

Mr.G man


Ashlyn Rutherford

You guys should come to Holiday World and Splashin Safari the worlds first theme park in Santa Claus Indiana