How to Set a Stop loss in Trading - So You Don't Get Stopped Out Unnecessarily

For free trading education, go to stop loss should not be based on an arbitrary number, or some random amount you're willing to lose.Rather, it should be based on whether your initial trading idea has been invalidated.In this video post, I share with you how to place your stoploss using this logical approach.I use 3 examples:1) A classical support trade2) A dynamic resistance trade3) A head & shoulders pattern trade I hope you have enjoyed this week’s video post. As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!Thanks for watching!FOLLOW ME AT: Facebook: YouTube channel: Jesus is real

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Now that I'm finally done with 2017, it's time to make way for all the new exciting games out this year that I can't wait to explore with you all. They pushed Red Dead Redemption 2 back to October so in an attempt not to die between now and its release, I'll be locking myself inside and hopefully that means more time to work on videos! I'm kidding. My upload rate will be just as bad as usual, but I hope can you all join me on the rest of this journey. I hope you guys like the video, and thank for watching!

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I think this is the mistake with using 'communism' (real or imagined) as an example. The problem of communism wasn't that they gave people a floor to stand on (basic needs) but rather that they kept people from trying harder by literally abolishing raises and so on. So why would anyone try harder in that scenario? I hope everyone can see this.

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