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Abby Yebra


Erin Tooley

My mom barely believes I'm lactose intolerant so no she wont believe I'm depressed. My dad on the other hand, he'll believe but he wont do anything about it.

Kian Holden

Amen man, you are an inspiration, keep telling this story!

|| |_

beauty is pain AJ

well i'm ded .......... i'm depressed D,: pfft

I have no creativity for a name

That's it?

John Bishop

why is it tyler that shoots 90 percent of the trick shots

XPM Legacy

does the last easter egg work on the MCC on the xbox one

Crispy Dede



Am I the only one that isnt a huge fan of the newer games like my favorite is still twilight princess tbh...



Solid Slide

What is your favorite game?


omg ima be jelly of u

Lillie Blaylock

0:28 that explains why he's so pale!!!🤣

Hunter Rodrigez

i feel like the fallout 4 one is a bit of a stretch... i mean if the skeleton had been sitting on the stairs of the library then sure but as it is i think its just one of the many skeletons in the game that tell little stories

Md. Bashir Uddin

During to the whole Story, What happened to her father?Plz let me know.

Claptrap : NOOOOOO

Zonaira Awan

Anybody 2018??

Jake Mazariegos

I felt that pain in my ear and it just knock me out and I'm 11 so it has been 3 weeks and it hasn't happened

Dante DeBenedetto

you guys should do more videos with the dallas stars

Flaming DraogGaming

the purple Hoosier used to have hair? at 4:36-4:37 a part of the person playing panda's face is revealed


You forgot the ungrateful child

VulpisFoxfire missed the 'Lara, is that you?' easter egg from Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.

and she still has the nerve to complain abt her boss firing her??? goddamn yall couldve chose any story that couldve been inspiring, but no. you chose this one story abt a bitch who cant stand authority and can't admit her faults.




look at da cow in da back from 1:42 - 1:48

Sandra Stefanovic

Ihr seid vol gut


He used to be a QB...


dam i thought i was the first to spot that.

Maria Varjord

Do an every Zodiac ever 2

Nejc Razpotnik YT

Who is panda under the mask


maybe do cricket trick shots even though americans don't play cricket

Jon (Jack) Conti-Traczykiewicz

pray for Garrett