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J&S Cisneros

I have a Nerf Fortnite blaster it’s a scar

Aurachuma Chakkaphak

You forgot the guy that watched the movie


so in 2012 dempsey will blow up the earth?

Bert Shrock

2018 anyone?

10,000 Subs With No Videos

The worst thing is that Jaiden didn’t flush the toilet after she peed and thank god she didn’t do a number 2

Reggie Kyle Geronimo

5:13 pac-man game death

PressStart One

Cool, ok I’m going back to Minecraft tell me when you vault other items we love

SovietDauber ツ

I am a type 1 diabete


Why didn't she just adopt

chocolate lover

I don't have anxiety so I trie to help people that have


what a beast

Tony Flamingo

Do one with Yadier Molina

I found it by saying to myself: "They HAVE to have hidden some references here", so I started looking at the books on the shelves through the scope of the rifle. That's the only obvious one I found. Another book on the same shelf is called "A Jade in Austin", so, yeah, okay, a Jane Austen reference, but that kind of thing didn't really strike me as meaningful.

Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment

From The Creators Of The Incredibles Monsters Inc Finding Nemo Brother Bear Treasure Planet Wreck It Ralph Frozen Big Hero 6 Moana 102 Dalmatians Ratatouille Wall E Sonic Unleashed The Trumpet Of The Swan Dragon Tales Rise Of The Guardians Monsters Vs Aliens And Rosie And Daisy's Hot Summer Watery Fun Vacation Presents Frozen 2


Frolo vs handsome Jack, it's too perfect.

Night RaptorPlayz

Who is watch in 2018

Me:u poor?


Same story, but I was only 3 when I first got diagnosed but I had this experience when I was 9, keystones, high BG and more due to my symptoms