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I always end up sooo tired, I literally run hahah

Cydnee Rhone

Yes Coby Will

Cody N

Did you wear your underwear backward?


What the heck kinda relationship is that


grayson: "uh, our mum's here so she's probably going to--"

Chloe Greco

Bro I had several panic attacks in class and so has my friend she has them everyday

I didn't know what to write


That was an eggselant fanile

Sheart 88

She killed my teeth , and she’s my best friend

Christian Sagastizado

Lol I just realize how much coby reminds me of James Charles

Razor YT

why is ty doing all the shots

Ditto can transform into mewtwo

Eternal Galaxy

This Guy Deserves 1,000,000 Subs

Lailah Peyton

Me to

Brookie cookie playz - Roblox and more

I knew it was checkers!


all 8 heros are still alive and and everyone thinks the original 4 are ded but there are not remember Kino Der Toten they live but with a casualty samantha. just more than 5 mins on this moon easter egg= nuketown easter egg so moon happened the same time as Kino and with characters living at once i no there 2 different mapsat the same time but then again its just her imagination or so we say

My penis is unbelievably Small

I love this darkness

# THug LIfE

Banta Boy


Faishal Memedmeister

Classic games ? , do you mean CHILDHOOD game ?

katie morrissey

Is this true if it was she is so horrible

Actor gurman

This is real power ranger

Li ThePear

Kim? How did you get him lol

Billy Corcoran

Wtf thats so cool


I knew that that was a Hemsworth xD

Fernando Barba

Hello Jaiden, so you pee on your wallet, well I think that´s not the worst that could happen to you on this trip, and actually was a great anecdote, that's why I like your videos there are like watching an anime (slice of life ones) jajaja it´s cool, and well the guy in the airport, for the way you describe him I think he was high and he wants to look "normal" and well things that happens just to you xD, keep going Jaiden you are great, have a great day :D


@FunWithGuru this music makes it a lot of better :D i wish i can change the sounds in game to this music xD

Arian mapping

I don't shower for a week all the time and I am fine

NWM Soccer_Breezy



Why are we still Here? Just to suffer?


How doy uo become fat?!

ele ele ele


Ramdom stuff

Hey can u like this comment bcuz i neaver got high likes and also i am early to this video (i think) so alot of people will read this

J Francis

U guys should do stuff with Sid Crosby on the penguins team in nhl

Zahirah Davis

I was hit by a truck while I was walking down the street when I was 7 and broke my hip

Louis Antonini

Go France 🇫🇷


2:52 credt card niceeeeee

Chvken Dvpper

3 grown men..

Yahya Yz

The first one is just GREAT

cody rillera



What is your favourite category of porn?


Well the ducks do need to eat too ˏ₍•ɞ•₎ˎ ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

GG1 Roblox

Scientist: Lets make a copy of MewTwo, because we need 2 of dem destructive OP pokemon :D, or so we can turn it to the R (in the movie)

Abby Arts

xena warrior princess was such a shitty show lmao

pallocchiamarco 314

Italian sottotitles

Thendamond Official


Matson Durrant

so awesome


@Foges123 Because squirrels like trees :D