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Not... really the answer I was looking for... thanks for sharing though.

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Better than you!

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was that real money that were burnt


Cory doesn't get a target? ;-;

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Somethings in this video just makes your mouth open 😂😂

Audrey Snye

The maggots part discussed me as hell

Barbarian:Holds breath for 2 years while screaming

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Am I the only one who thought that during a surgery a doctor made an error that almost killed this poor girl?

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I was watching you and you just got 19 million subscribers

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

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I can't stop crying!

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Seahawks is my best team

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2:44 That was me for the pats vs rams in the 2018-2019 season! I’m also a saints fan so another reason I didn’t watch it. The stupid tommy lee Lewis call no call against the rams in the champion ship game.

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More Dude Perfect videos

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Literally the best host!

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Frozen 1: Elsa looks the prettiest!!!Frozen 2: Elsa looks the MOST Prettiest!!!Elsa love you! ❤️❤️

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This world is so cruel. Some people don't have much money and can't pay the bills. I can't belive that these people let her died.

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Is the nickel flip real?

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Great video. But there's other bulls you can ride

Doctor: i forgot to tell you that yesterday

I’m younger and they diagnosed me with depression, severe anxiety and an eating disorder

سورن امین اجلاسی

My heart just got broken in 1:8 beacuase everything was timed and worked well.especialy the sadnees in his voice

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@PBron236 just because you can do it does not make it fake

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Did anyone else notice Cermet about to drop a deuce on Mr. Marbles at 4:12?! 😂

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Girl, wth are you ranting on here instead of contacting the police or your parents?

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