How to Use The Fibonacci Retracement Tool in Tradingview

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Tylers emotional scene was “totally realistic”

Anita Ankale

football challenge pls

carlos west

hold on so all that work just to blow up the earth and be stuck on the moon with 4 guy forever??? TRAGIC!!!!!

BSmitty Vids

I went there last summer

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Amiibo Hunter

I love the fantasy factory series and ridiculousness and dude perfect videos


Messi or Neymar


I wish the npc could move this fast in escort missons.

In this society the higher your social intelligence the further up in society you go. So people who understand emotions would go further up in society, The only problem is that just because you have a higher social intelligence this automatically does not make you a nicer person you might just be a manipulative bully. Although it is good to have good people with high social intelligence caring about people.


So, an 8 year old has a phone?


I am the kind of guy who helps others aswell who are in danger but in germany and i am only 15

Massimo Pavoni

The choice of music for your vids is great. Love em all.

Derek Dodson

Sherlock Holmes be disappointed.


Razy 01

The whole being on read thing feels like it'd hurt more in person, hurts enough over text

Chloe Purser


Jessica Boyd

You guys should film with cam newton

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Congrats on this vid being on sport awards go Johnny football

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0:47 ooohww that awkward moment...

Beth Halpain

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That EDM thought.

Unicorn Vlogers

So inspirational



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Bryce Townsend

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Dastan Bastan

Why is it such big deal for an AAA company to pay a group of outsourced artists for redrawing environmental textures in a game which has so few actual real time 3d? I can sorta understand why complete texture overhauls is rare, but FF8 has only a coupe dozens 3d battle stages/arenas in the whole game because it's a pre-rendered based title, so on practice( compare to a full 3d games)those hired artists would had to redraw substantially less textures than usual. Hell, there are fan texture packs for fps and tps hits out there which contained an absolute crazy amount of completely new texture artworks for full 3d games and they are free. To me it makes no sense that both FF9 and FF8 never got a new textures for their 3d battle stages, I bet producers just were too ignorant for objective judging about time and budge for this type of work, they must have assumed blindly that it's way too hard, takes too much time, cost's a lot and ultimately not worth it since the remaster for some bizarre reasons will never sell good enough to recoup additional funding. All based on nothing. What a dumb opinion to have, that's for sure...

Genomics, The biology centre for NEET.

Just tell me the sports you can't play. I'll give you a million bucks

Mikey Stevens

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congrats guys

Like... Chill out, it is a figure of speech, even in Italian!


I was looking but i didn't find any comment of 10 years back but i did found one which was 4 months later🤣🤣

The Lemmmon

She had a phone at 8......... WHAT

Надежда Югай

The arrow ball shoot

Christopher Gonzalez

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Jerry Egan

1:04 cody has a fidget spinner in his handEdit-thanks for the 6 like I know it is not a lot but it is the most I ever got

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Its not a hate comment but I think her voice is kinda annoying

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Tyler hates losing and loves winning.

Chocolate Milk Man

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