how to use volume in online stock trading in hindi

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David Macabagdal

Basket in a arrow is called

Ulices Rodriguez

i didn’t understand the one with the phone calls ?

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5 months! Aka 5 five months of fighting someone while in the hunger games! 😂😂😂

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Make this blue if tou can't wait for this on screen👇

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You should car race

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That is so cool that you guys got to go there and I liked the jousting game

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This is the best Easter egg channel ever. I have been subscribed for awhile and you should have way more subs so keep up the good work and you will have a million subs very soon

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how dark is it

And I don’t want to.

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1/Crop out audio part from 3:43

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global warming is a hoax, a money grab, a political joke , and everyone knows it

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Now I gotta get used to the new faces ugh

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They ruined the driving.

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NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I bet Connie is filipina haha!



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Does anybody else think this would be a good romance or is it just me

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who else thinks the coloring is so satisfying?

Star struck Animation


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video wasnt what i thought it would be based on the title ahah

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Oh yeah the helicopter from the post credit scene

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Define “soccer”

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2237-2450 the score

Everyone else: Yes


7:50 Wasn't the Lazytown meme I was expecting. That one's so old that even You Are a Pirate would be more relevant... I really do hope they reference at least one of the Robbie Rotten memes soon all things considered.

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Bruh. This girl does NOT need to be quiet, she was standing up for HERSELF. There’s nothing bad about that, and she doesn’t deserved to be called a jerk. The other guy was the jerk, not her! She just got sweet revenge in the first ep, and I’m sure you enjoy when you get revenge on someone.

Rebel madness

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i thought he was going to ask her tho...

Elon Musk's Bullies in hell:*Facepalms*