How To Use Williams Percent R To Refine Your Ichimoku Trades

In this video I am showing you the power of using William Percent R along with Ichimoku to help you refine your entries. This strategy will help you to follow the trend and also keep you from entering a trade too early and getting stopped out only to see the trade go your way. The Williams % R is known for it's uncanny ability to predict reversals one or two candles prior to the actual reversal. If you like this strategy then please like the video but also think about becoming a Lifetime Member where you can learn strategies such as this. You will learn how to trade with price action and patterns, support and resistance, fractals, moving averages, divergence and of course Ichimoku. Our Lifetime offer will be expiring soon so catch this opportunity and I am sure you will not regret your decision. Thanks and God bless!

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