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Ashton McDonald



Atiny let's make it to 3M

Mister Man

Ig He Wasn't Wearing Socks 1:39

Rhett Rentrop

Y’all have the best stereotypes ever

In space than one earth.


No homo, but the guy at 14:55 is hella nice, and hella fine.

Megan Coulter

Ethan is me... "Oh okay thank you guys for listening. Thanks guys."

Student 4: Me 4 :D

Devaldy Jonathan

this is magical


HL 3 confirmed♥

Nicolle Collie


Atleast i do, my M1911 serves me well.

y i k e s a r o o

Gurus vids are worth the long wait.

Naufal Adi Wibowo

I could feel the easter eggin this vid


Difference: men won't hold on. My fiancé left me when I was diagnosed with depression and BPD. I can't trust anybody since then. I dated but men usually refuse me when they find out my diagnosis. So I will be alone.

Perfectly Balanced

I came for 4:14


how many best easter eggs ever vids do you have so far I have watched 1 through this one just today am planning on watching the rest before I sleep :D

I miss my grandpa..

Big Boss

in conslusion to the 1st easter egg while the 2nd projector is playing if you look to take a picture of it a red ghost will appear in the camera and it is... Hideo Kojima himself. Also in peace walker while you are looking for a truck that had nukes in it if you choose the correct car you can find Kojima in the back

Princemarvince Boa


Jose Joji

Only one name--byron Ferguson.Son you have to born again to beat this guy in archery.


Dumb just looks like someone spilled bleach on it in specific spots and now you're wearing a bleach ruined shirt


In BF Hardline,you can drive sofa in the game,This is a eater egg too,wasn't it?(sorry for my bad English)

Kari Windon

do a dance off


r u actually 6'5?

matt philips

great video


giancarlo is the next obama

Jake Rivera

fuc you


I may have panic disorder I’m not sure but I’ve been having reoccurring panic attacks without a cause and it’s been bothering me and worrying me because I’m in this constant state of asking myself when the next panic attack is going to occur and it happens mostly during school hours and I hate the fact that it constantly happens it’s to the point where it’s annoying

wade wilson

Then Barney Rapes Him


Than we all slowly dies

Maciej Mazur

Finally g00d game from poland

Gus the Dog

Like for panda face reveal


7:03 is MISSINGNO we meet again

multitalenter diy

Tyler is the best