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Landon Hogan

dude perfect is my favorite thing to watch

Cherry Bomb

Before season 2 of Stranger Things come out i played Last of Us all the way through then while i was watching season 2 i made a comparison that Joel And Hopper both had a daughter named that died but they end up caring for another child


Wanna here a pun your life

Football Player


MotherDucker #RipStanLee

I don't get number 5

Pee pee Gang

Fantasy football is amazing


it's not a remaster. it's a port.



Kiran Srivastava

Did he literally just cut the tree

Lena altaher

Yeah it was checkers

Darcy Kipnis

Have a good day everyone!

Ariel Moreno

This is really an adventure towards conquering one's fear! Her fear that her power is too much for the world. LET IT GO!!!!Make this the most dramatic Disney animated film.Disney: YASSSSS!!! ME: LOUDER!!!!

Rogue Freeman 2

Slender man in runner 2?

Buen tema ozuna, Espero grabar contigo algun dia, Trabajare para q eso suceda

Noah Strickland

One of the consequence’s should be to let Ned choose


Love u sooo much

Omkar Halgi

Awesome dude

Kid: can l ask you something

Seth Bryant

My favorite shot was The Hole-In-One


Where is garret

Talha Çalışkan




Vante Gogh

Beautiful 😭💜

Britney Bain

This is me😔

Tanner, Matt, and Michael: it’s MAGIC 😱

Cling Clang

Dude the donut thing I just found on my own I didn't even know it was a eater egg I thought it was random at the moment lol

Boyd Smeets

Was on post malone concert in Amsterdam “he killed iT btw “ but didnt know tyla , but the songs he performed were 🔥 and was jumping from stage to sing with the fans . Damn what a epic night 🔥

Ayden Harton

did any one see BASEBALL on the title lol CLICKBAIT!!!!! TRIGGERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AGU Rants

There are so many other Easter eggs in this game such as the Infinity 8 killer and dinosaur Easter egg.

Lilyana Edwards

I like how she hits the folk at 1:17


my highest score is 41


Yea me and boyfriend go to comic con and anime expo and meet people from the LGTQ community and help out it really fun


#YIAYjob mesuring your forehead because people with larger foreheads last longer in bed.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Midnight Flare

Interesting...this world contains many references to a universe they've never seen. This must be the work of...FAIRY-GOD-PARENTS!

Cause they cause it!

Jason Mcfidgityfig MDXLIV

I wonder who makes the Easter eggs are they designers who are being fired so they add it in 

Shivas Thong

Now if only we can do something about that drug habit

Samuel McChesney

how did y'all not talk about BIG's plan for Manhattan?

Is it time for a crusade?

Stephen Roberson

Hey you guys are awesome please subscribe to my channel thanks

Alicia Farrell

Are you saying some things weird? Did he call a pan a pin? Is he saying things weird?

Steven Verespey

those nerf toys actually suck massive dong

Dalton Cross

Go saints!!!!!!! Nice hat and shirt Tyler!!!!!

Dhananjay 3304

make a vid without any shots by tyleri dare you

Highlight King

2:30 that dab tho



Unstable Danger

Did tyler keep the sailfish

S.dog432 0

2:40 pfffffff hahahahahahaha!

Addam Friedl

ya do school stereotype

Mitsley Araujo


Mike and Kelly Winkler

no clue where garret is

Anna Schoenemamn

I think ty is most like his dadLike if u agree

La Cueva

Where did you get the h3h3 song in the beginning?

I.S. Boy Gaming