i finally got a software engineering job

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Juicebox 36

I have a ps4 but never use it am I a gamer

Tyler 0 feet

Matt 8815

His new nickname should be Codylinadingdong


Why is THE flag of the Netherlands there next to the amarican at 3:50

Traci Brown

baseballs stars should do it next

Vyshnav Venkatesh

I want them to add more mega evolutions in this game but it doesn’t look like they’re going that route

Grettell Reyes

I have black thick hair... I hate it🤨

Thomas Lemmons

At 5:53 panda was exposed but it was blured. why don't they just show the face!?!

'Cause I'm fucking all these hoes

Dganit Shlomian

Cam Newton (superman)

Moha abdiaziz

Every Time You Must Go Mosque Or Masjid If Were Are Muslim💕

vrijetijd Machine

Wie is NL en kijkt dit

Grant 815

2019 ?

iiGirlx Tacoz

we all came for the thumbnail

Ilona Lips

14 bounces


I'm very fat


See you can just walk away from the screen

Cason Snow


Like I bet everyone knows but it just annoying how fake

zachary moore

Fake and ga...well, fake

Nick Ziolkowski


Diego Espinoza

hahaha thats a funny secret conversation

FazeYavuz_ 070 extra


Eric Talavera

We have the same birthday but not the year


Very good job. Looking forward to seeing more!

Kandice Ayers

I live in Utah omg omg omg!!! 😆😆😆

Obliteration Nation

Love the SloMo.Inspired us to do our own homemade explosions in SloMo on our channel.

Kenmax 318

Milly Sunbeam

What's love again?

Mick Mickymick

Android is better than Mac

Chantelle Oko

do a colab with niki and gabi

Tu Duong

Việt nam điểm danh đê🤣🤣🤣


this is why I watch dude perfect subscribe to my channel

Mari Weber

this seems dark but look at this, it's beautiful, the coloring is awesome

Austin Guo

I hope coby can get his 3 win

Gorilla boy

Did try drop the f bomb at 4:09


Trans people have some of the dumbest logic ever

G D O Drew

Fortnite is absolutely garbage