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A113 also showed up in Doctor Who recently in the episode Flatline i think

sarah theewis

Those 13k people didn't actually watch the video

Kantesh Patil

MY best dude perfect hero is tyler

Destiny Gamer

OhOh no

Leon Jack


{ Edgy Nebula }

boi having a B is better than what I have right now

Criminal Gaming

Who would win?

Jens Johansson

At 12:13 you will see two ash people having sex

Keshia brown

Real nigga out the hood I still pop out on some gang shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

Any nerds wanna correct my spelling :)

Patty Kane

Omg while she was going to the labor room a ambulance went bye

Diane White

I loved your "inspirational rant!" As someone who is 50, I have only RECENTLY rediscovered my face and thanks to YouTube videos like YOURS, I'm not afraid to try new makeup techniques, new colors (not just neutral beiges), and new product lines. I wish YouTube had been around when I was in my 20s, 30s...even early 40s. I think I look better now that I did decades ago, so THANK YOU from a "mature" woman. :)

The Expose Guy

U guys have too be in NBA

Mineral Blade

As a raptor fan I’m sorry for our stupid country for cheering on that poor mans leg being broken 4 gta vice city

da gingerbread boi

No matter how many Easter egg videos I watch they never truly mention every Easter egg and edit the video as well as guru does. I always look forward to all his videos.

Mahmoud Shatnawi

and start a new chapter in my life... that I'll forget later

shajan shaju

Ohhh....Dp lost to Nfl......Lol....

Ashok 078

No country for old men in gta v


To me the quality is getting worse

The_Marv1n TV

The_Marv1n TV

Mom: It’s that DaMn Phone

Alison Whiting

What so your Donald Trump?"I will build that wall..


2018 HERE WE COME!!!!!!

Jordan Watier

hey guru whats that game in the number one slot about?, do you just rome around a haunted island?


Am I really seeing Rainbow Six here?? Damn i love that game

Chinmay Agarwal

Blade runner?


“Signature” dunk


instead of vitamins its *

HockeyGirl23 Weiss

These people came to my school

Ethan Volkert

Dude perfect is the reason Jesus got crucified

Crash Bandicoot


(Not Copyrighten from Harry Potter


Uh Oh... 2:40

mr sarcasm

7:38 Okay this is epic. Is that Ben Shapiro?


One like =one pray for PANDA

Gabriel Esdrelon

Bowling alley

Cookies Carrot

What i would do if my friend gave me BTS voice recording saying my name

ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ

You suck man✌🏽

Dj MeechLouch

Man! The only one that should've done some shoving, was The Lady in the yellow top. She got ROCKED!!!


I've already watched a few easter egg videos for RDR2 but I always watch FunWithGuru's videos whether I've seen the easter eggs before or not because his editing skills are godly.


dude this is like top notch editing. (i will be waiting for a far cry 5 easter egg video. do NOT disappoint. u can if u want tho)


pitfall the lost expedition

Ken Shu

I knew I recognized them drums in the baseline... They flipped Sean Kingston x Chris Brown's "Beat It"


do u own all dat shit

4. the dude has died

Parker Gagne

You just got yourself another subscriber congratulations


He missed miserably in the SB. But it wouldn’t make any difference tho.

Mistik creepy

Wow you have incredibles eyes ...

Joey Ronquillo

I don’t know why I didn’t watch this sooner it’s so funny 😂😂😂

Family Smith

mountain steryoutype

Xd Gaming

22 bounces