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Levi shanker Vlogs

Anyone watching in 2017

Amanda Monica

Big? It's 2 only for 2 people though....dunno which one is morr amazing the fact that adam made it or that yama eating it




u forgot 1 ur character looks like joke this is a reference to the batman series


OMG, I'm the avoidant and my boyfriend is the auxious

Team 6

Do a Homerun derby at a real ballpark like this one

Michael Sacamos Parody (Official Channel)

Alvin, please request Matt Stonie on Making It Big Episode...


Oh no! A bunch of people in the hallway! So sorry for your traumatic experience I hope you didn't get Ebola!

Millisec Domain

Bruh if they dont add the Stairs as a raid boss ima riot.

zack echlburger

that cool 😎😎😎

Da Crew


Dana T

I have been watching you guys for 5-6 years now and I was so incredibly happy when I found out you guys are gonna be parents! Good luck and I hope to have just as an amazing experience when I have kids, I honestly love you guys. Hila is a B E A S T and you’re doing great my guy❤️😭

The Name's Dole

Man he broke up with her

Jesus Pena

Who is watching dude perfect in 2019

Malaika Jones

My mom has a interesting story about my new sis I could say it

Stephen Richardson

Dude. That missing dog picture beside the door in Saints Row IV was fucking Smile Dog


Do you find every easter egg by yourself ?

Вова Алексеев

Пойду подрочу хули)


Is that a XXXTentacion Members Vol . 4 shirt Cory wearing?


Fred Flintstone vs George Jetson

Juan Zamorano

donde seconsige esetrage

Comments: I love my mom so much! Meanwhile---

kl c

This dinosaur from the car is from bf3 the guy who drives a tank Had this dinosaur from his son

horror sans-pai

I have mania... Yaaaaaay my feelings aren't real! It's not that kind of mania tho. I'm just happy... All... The time.

Chimmy Ella

Guy:*breaks in the house*

Lyrical Popcorn

and not fucking shower 😂

Stitch Kız

1:00 momentarily, he reminded me of charlie puth's voice 😍

•Konu*Chan•TM YT

Mah mother born mah baby brother the same to. Ya!

Benjamin Madsen

at 5:05 is a great moment

Brady White


Salvatore Benelli

Edditors rock

joseph adel

don’t worry people would forget about it and life would move on



Ava Rowe


CBear Samps

HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE BOWLING BALL!!!!!!!Ps. I am a bowler. One of the best sports ever


Hasn't Nerd cubed got his own easter egg in this? Could you not find it?


Grace Fox

I agree with you my sister has Tourette's syndrome and that means that she can't control her hands her mind her body I just can't get over but my sister could have a problem and I have my own problem with my own body I have something called ADHD which can sometimes mean less Focus more skip ahead do something else and last memory I don't know what to do and I do have to take medicine. I prefer to take my sisters own hardships instead of mine cuz my dad has diabetes and ADHD I don't know what my mom has but my brother but we believe that he has ADHD are dyslexia I don't know please help me😭😭😭😭😭


Marco Blom

A gaming room

Cristiana Bighiu Tofan

0:50 Unless you are a rock

Joe Rivero

Yay Kanye and Pusha as the intro lol

mia tv


Shaihram Noor

i knew it was checkers

Stephanie Goglia

i think it would below to high