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Funtime Bonnie

I feel so bad right now, it's like my mom dying (which, in fact, would be very bad, considering my father and what he does to "discipline" us, in which is yelling, calling us stupid, or overall being a complete jerk) it would be absolutely terrible, though not as bad as this, I feel bad for you, bijuu Mike

Comic Book Guy

at 1:32 aren't those the stone pillars from BRAVE?


U go to church


It wasn't just a samurai...

The A D C B

Team Coby

Anuj Sharma

Guys pls make your official game

Jon Van

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Bom Bee Kids

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Vish Wah

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Captain Weetos

Ready for GTA 5 Guru ?

Nah dude you just suck. None of these girls deserve you

Gorty Ramana

twins wins


F5 to Cory and Spear to Cody

Ava Ford

Can you make a giant gluten free sugar cookie with icing


Just because your garbage ass shots dont amount up to these guys shots doesnt mean you have to say it's know what i think your fake



Mario Zabala

this is the comment that gets more than a thousand likes

Khoa Do

Raptors just gotta push the pace and attack hard. No need to feel bad or play fair. Make that calf suffer, make that hamstring suffer. Not saying they gotta hit them and injure them even more, but they gotta take advantage of it.


Warning glass

Justin R.

This is very vegan


When Sean and Daniel are by the river, theres a stick in the ground with a bra hanging from it right alongside the edge of the river. I feel pretty strongly that this is a reference to Firewatch

Meeta Verma

He's blonde now 🤔🤔


at 3:05, how in the fuckin world did you see that?

Jari Bruinink

4:16 you're*

Connor RK800

Ur richer then trump