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Denise Good

The Rage Monster

Steven Verespey

those nerf toys actually suck massive dong

xinchen liu

Brazil will win!

Ricardo Escalante Sánchez

I love this video I wish I knew someone like you besides myself

my gamertag is Nl Ol Ol Bl Sl please no body is good enough to do it please Jenny The Phoenix

Alec Mikaelian

Who is watching in 2019 when the duke dilemma lives on

Edit: I had the same talk with my step dad last night God created us equal and no one should be bullied for the way they look or dress I feel this way in this situation for you, your Gods child, made in his image not ugly nor fat your beautiful!❤️

PROplayer plays

wait so if they were in front of a camera who was editing?


You should make a video of telling your wife that you lost your wedding ring

Charles Monroe

Who is that other guy

Sadron of Lothlórien

Can you steer the dragon?

Patrick Star

26:21 hahahaha this one was actually pretty good

Dropkick Suplex

all the songs in your copter man

can you guys please do another Smosh Summer Games? if you cant, its fine, I'm just throwing this idea out there. love you guys <3

Kaka Karrotcake

I have never heard of "Grant Theft Auto"

Solar and Eclipse

My sister had hers for 3 months

Dayna Munsch

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He was 7 years old man !

Clara Jimmie

17 bounces then landed in the cup which is 18

Jasper Fales

You guys should enter the NBA