Intensive scalping on the DAX 30 +1534€ #S01 E08

Here are my trading results for the week of 25/09/2017 to 29/09/2017. You will see my most interesting trades of the week in this video. Article on my blog: like this trading video to encourage me to share my scalping, day trading and swing trading each week.Best regards, Benoist Rousseau -Who am I and How do I film my trades : tips and tricks to get better at trading :

Space V

7:18 whos the female dancer to the left of Corden? i love her

King_X Rascal



Lol u have the same date as my brothers birthday July 31st lol

Pigeon Man

when he walked behind the bull i thought he was gonna fuck it

Skywalker 97

"Why is grandma black"

Froggy Froggy the puppet boost - fortnite gaming

That feel real funky yo

Eggos r cool

What’s horrible girl

Zombie Boy.

yo why you guys wasting food

Lance Winslow

Absolute and complete BS about global warming here. Check out the 1950s weather. A sea wall makes sense for that area as any storm surge is funneled into a small area, creating elevated sea level in those areas during big storms - which come every so often. But stop claiming this is global warming.

Awake EpicZz

There is no sound in space as air is a vacuum, therefore no sound


If I didn't already have Aaron Rodgers nominated for God, that grape Crush solidified it.

Pemula Gaming

What on 4:44?? Dragon??

Alex Kyner

Where is the NOOB!!!!!??????

Donald Trump

nice job!

John Petun

So is it a separate game or a game mode

Shenelle K. Smith

I know how that feels

TS bros

Check out are channel everybody plz


look at garetts face when he swings the axe

Sam Elsammak

Dude perfect can you please shout out my freind kerrazy because he started his channel not to long ago and he really likes you guys his name is kerrazy



Manchester United 4 life

3:41 hahahaha instant karma got Cody

Patrick Chandler

the pitt steelers

I am also human I have the right to be who I want to be Plus i imagine the change of format will be more fun or interesting to the usual top ten format you may of gotten used to, keep it up 

Jaden Singh

Anyone 2020 rewatching dp videos?

Madison Atkins

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Trav Eagles


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Aerin Volk

"If they love you, they'll never hurt you" I couldn't disagree more. That sounds like plain spoiled selfishness. If they loved you, they wouldn't intentionally hurt you. There is a massive difference. If you loved them, you would accept them for being themselves. That's love. And sometimes your feelings get hurt.

Marky Oosterveen

Fucking awesome video man. I always look forward to these.

Samantha M.

Harry potteeeeeeerrr😍

You Will Never Know

Everyone underestimates the twins and now they got huge buff

Fantastic Jack

Ty got him some Jordan's

glowwy 54

It's always the PE teacher... for real

Timmy Ong

They are perfectat everything

Lalithamma Bk

Can u do more of soccer battles or matches