Introduction to Supply Demand Trading - how to start with supply demand trading

Udemy course 2018: to Supply Demand trading. - Basics of supply demand institutional levels- Why supply demand concept is more efficient than standard support/resistance- Importance of larger trends- Keeping numbers on your side with high risk/reward trades- Using topdown approach- Importance of consolidation zones- Finding supply/demand zones using highs/lows on the chart- Correctly drawing supply/demand- Finding reactive zones - Conterminous line and border line

Rukku Gandikota

I stared drining more ( water )

You got it, girl, you got it, girl (Ooh) 

Zephaniah Moree-Hubbart

My dad is the phone guy

Jesse Molburn

Grayson talking about him having a daughter is the most wholesome thing ever

Guywhoanimates YT

I was born on nov 1st... damn so close

John Powell

Wheels on the bus

Karlos G Medina

Idk it seems lame

Greg Simpson

That's why I NEVER have sex

Pulse Sriracha

Does Tyler have a twin

dale bainer


Super Charlie

Antonio Brown

Kyle Kline

@minutevideos who is this story about


0:43 Tony kinda looks like Michael from GTA V.

fun fact

Best YouTube channel ur richest channel I m n bigtrouble please help me donate some money when i go work i will return cant even sleep a day happily please someone who read my comment help me beg u please 😔😔😔


@44:10 "Ima call him meatball" that smile Ethan gives makes me want to be a dad

Polina Istomin

I was born on the same day as him!

J Bela

Poor guy died a painful but quick death. Horrific. RIP

An Ji

My dad is the same, He's actually out drinking right now. :/

craigs brother

a little splash town but he banks it in


did the dad kill the step mom AND kill himself?


I dont get it they said its too much power for elsa then now there saying its not enough

Cate H

This video is dumb. If this video wanted to be slightly more realistic, then it wouldn’t exist. Literally no one talks like this. Also, this video clearly is biased against lgbtq+ people, since it is saying “uwu just because I am not gay everyone bullied me1!1!1!!1!!!1” like, honey, shut up. People were killed because of their sexuality. If whoever is reading this agrees with the girl in the video, that’s ok. She obviously has a strong religious background (like me) so it just boils down to “hate the “sin” love the “sinner.” (Except being gay isn’t a sin, it is a fact of life. The real sin here is homophobia. And this video.) in conclusion, after watching this video I feel like I need to take a cold bath. Then a cold shower, and another old bath. Even after that, I will still feel dirty. Thanks minute videos. How do you sleep at night.

Angery Pepe

I never knew basket balls could double jump

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Can you please give him more chances



Eden Bishop

That long shot was so fake it serves

Big Travis

We all know he’s not just a fan

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How old is this video

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1:20-1:36 get rekt


A month? I'm unsubbing

Jackson’s Vlogs


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I always eat pizza backwards

Tucker Wiginton

Team coby

Nischal Sigdel


Lucas Wagner

3:20 they left him hanging!

Smoker TV


Samuel KEYS

Real Cricket 18

michael anthony hilario

3:38 It so sad we lost an icon, a hero and a friend of the marvel universe.

Lyndsey V

Polly’s savage

Koren Avery

The barking does't bother me on the video... but I understand why Sam gets pissed... what rude neighbors, allowing their dog to bark like that.. my neighbors do it and it drives me crazy!

Cillian Hegarty

Dp are now at 20 MILLION SUBS

Gamer Girl who likes cheese

It's the Devils work


The opening was not particularly inventive (he cannot sing) and the rest of the show was a snooze fest.

Calum Lea

Awkward situations

Dylan Campbell

I love dude perfectu are awesome

sushma p

It's beautiful n magical😍😍

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Eminem ?