IQ option Scam Fraud Exposed | Hindi |English -With Proof

IQ optionFraud Today I will Prove with Proof.SPECIAL THANKS TO AXIS BANK LTD THEY Helped ME.advice INDIAN,PAKISTANI FRIENDS NEVER USE THIS IQ OPTION READ ALL STEPS HOW THEY TRAP YOUR ACCOUNT1. You See nice ads on YouTube Instagram or Facebook and you download it2. They says try our DEMO account you will like it and try for real3. Here the Tragedy starts.4. bitcoin is hot favorite so you started with cryptocurrency5. you transferred the funds6. Transaction failed of some amount and money deducted from your account but not credited in go to customer support and supports keep changing you have to tell one story to every support executives each time to chat or communicate.8. supports do not help in your quires and you have two options.9.Ether forget your funds or go to your bank10.people who earned money hard will go to bank11. you raise a dispute that your money deducted but not credited to iqoption , bank will give your chance to file fraud and you file it 12. in 2,3 days you get your funds.13. you enjoy trading increase funds and after two months your accounts Get BLOCKED14. you cant do nothing as they have permanently blocked your accountNOTE: they can block you even without reasons some reasons room language not in English2. post link in chat angrily to customer supports4. wrong id proof5.wrong account information6. OR WITHOUT ANY REASON 7.thy will not give you any proof that you have done this.#iqoptionfraud #cryptocurrencyfraudif you have any question regarding this pleas feel free to contact me.

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This is extremely heartbreaking.i know what it’s like to feel guilty for needing help, I’m not currently suffering from anything but whenever i ask my parents for money i feel like a selfish brat(we aren’t really good with money). They tell me not to worry about stuff like that but I just can’t


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Furthermore it's labeled "Levine's", likely a reference to Ken Levine, the creative director behind Bioshock.

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