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#Nyah Nation

Always be strong be your self don't let the abusive mother take u down

Zayden Meier

Incalata from mannys




Check out my cover to this song!

Trivium S

I was 17, and he was 24

Tordle The Tordle

Have your parents compared you to others?


Who's watchin in 2k17 ??? Like it 👍👍

Sharon Guevarra

Im in japan

Ben ya guy 69

Cody and dad


why did he leave his wife? His so called "love of his life"?

The great ball of fire!

Lol! Nice strategic editing there. Maybe you should show whole scenes next time? So... You know, just do not take things out of context? Another hypocritical feminist video.

Julia Hitz

anyone else notice James' favorite Goodwill shirt at 0:16

Cool Dudes

iam with you coby.if you lose 2000000000 battles as well i wil be with you.I love coby.east or west coby is the best

Sunjushre Naidu

Marvel: Avengers, Assemble

Emanuel Sauceda

You really should've added the boomer, witch, and tank from the left for dead series being The Cabin in the Woods during the scene where it shows all the monsters the underground facility contains, but either way awesome video man😄

Brinstar Media

This trailer is much better than the teaser trailer. Not the biggest frozen fan, but this one looks like it will be more exciting and adventurous than the first


theres also a references of Skirym, in a temple there its a guy with a arrow to knee...

Ryan Ward

Team Coby is cool bro


What about nike?

Wace 904

Who else s whatching in 2017



Cats Have Left The Chat

king lich

If some one what to delete that comment then he don`t want us to know and so do we

Kelis Perez

If I had a dollar for every time some one called me ugly, I would be richer than Oprah

MS Productions

Editors: What should we put in the trailer?Disney: Yes

No One

50+ PECENT OF good looking guy are jerk


holy shit what


Old her not, she would've got cussed out 🤷🏾‍♀️


Just wished it came out on Steam....

Smitty Smith

I am Canadian, so most definitely cheering on the raptors ....but my heart goes out to Durant , his team and his fans and fans of the team to see him go off like that's hoping he isn't going to suffer worse.

Wasay Khan

Amazing vedio

Karnadaka Borewells

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Daniel McLaughlin

Garrett played no part in this video


I just realized u changed your pic


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Brocky Doodle

is that grand master from ragnorock

Young_Urban 54

Was that taser real


The whole time Phil was talking about it, I was think "isn't this basically what Sony announced for the PS5 last month?". The ray tracing, the SSD, faster load times. It's all stuff Sony said, so making me wonder how close in hardware the two systems will be.

Ahmet Aktr

Como *pl,

Awwww,I love this story!

Catherine Coop

these guys are actual fuckwits

munita tubytube

Wow who ever you are bullying your friend I just wanna say

Chris Harris

I saw the highlights from that game, and what I noticed is this, the Warriors need to tighten up on there inside game, they live and die at the 3. When the 3 is not falling you need something to fall back on. On one play big D.C. got the ball in the paint (with the basket close right behind him!) and he passed the ball! Meanwhile the raptors are killing them with midrange shots.