iSwing EA v4.2 - Profit 877.5% - DD8.9% Feb 2019 - Best Forex Robot Trading

iSwing v4.2 - Best Forex Robot TradingProfit 877.5% - DD8.9% Feb 23 2019Best Forex EA Trading - Trading with Price Action.★ New update v4.2:___✔ Add signal, increase order accuracy___✔ Update on March 2019 trends------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copy Right: bestforexrobottrading@gmail.comEA Name: iSwingPair trading: EUR/USDDokascopy Data Tickstory------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Backtest time: From 11/28/2018 To 02/23/2019Deposit: 100$Profit: 877.5$ (866.9%)DD: 8.9%Quality: 99.9%Thank you very much, wish you happy and successful!Please contact us to be the best support. And have Best Forex Robot Trading, iSwing EA forex trading.See more about:► Client Acc Profit: Free update all EA: iPro v10.2: iSwing v4.1: iMoney v5.2: wing v1.1: PPro8: Note more iSwing - Best EA Forex Trading. Earn more 100%/month and low DD10% -15%★ Stoploss 40 pips, Takeprofit 100 pips. R/R = 1:2.5. When the price goes in the right direction 50 pips, EA automatically puts Stoploss at the entry point +5pips.★ When the signal reverses, EA will automatically close the order, Stoploss and Takeprofit are not touched yet.★ EA trades on a major trend, with larger timeframes. If there is a reversal signal, EA will automatically close the orders. And find new orders along the current trend.★ EA can only enter one order at the same time (or BUY, or SELL), because the trend is impossible to both.★ EA has two volume setting modes: Easy for capital management.___1/ increase / decrease by balance. Volume (lot) = Balance / 5,000. EX: Balance = 1,000$, Volume = 1,000 / 5,000 = 0.2 lot.___2/ Fix volume. Set: "LOT_SIZE_FIX" = True, and set "LOT_SIZE" = 0.1 lot (If you want fixed volume = 0.1 lot).★ Signal to use:___✔ EMA 20 +/- 500, +/- 800. Middle, upper, lower.___✔ Stoch 8, 3, 3. 30 & 70.___✔ RSI 14, 45 & 55. ___✔ Price action. Strength, weak of candle. Strong / weak of the market at the signal. Support, resistance, trendline,...___✔ Trade in the with trend.___✔ Candles reversed: Pin Bar, Bearish outside bar, Bullish outside bar, Bearish Engulfing, Bullish Engulfing, Spinning, Hammer, Fakey ... and many other candles reversed.★ Operation time is 24/5. And all is automatic, we do not need to impact on EA. Just install the first time.★ Trading at strong news: ECB, Non Fram, ADP Non Fram, FOMC,... does not affect EA. Since Robot trading trend, EA will close the order when the signal reverses. And find a new signal.★ And many other features.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And of course, I will update so that it can trade on many other pairs. Because each currency pair has different attributes, different amplitudes, different increases / decreases, ... I will update for free when new releases for customers.It can be used on multiple accounts at the same time. On the computer, VPS.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for watching and contact to me: To have it "best forex robot trading".


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