It's the make or break moment for the market as the Fed gets ready to deliver on Wednesday

Is a Fed rate cut on deck? Will it rescue the rally? With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Steve Grasso, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.

Sunjushre Naidu

Marvel: Avengers, Assemble

#Bobby Fireball


Roilin TV

Siempre entro en sentimientos cada vez que es cucho está cansion

Taetae is baebae

She literally keeps assuming the worst is going to happen. What a drama queen he's not even that bad 😂

Jonah Miller

If u like tenru, you'll love slowmagic - waited 4 u. That's a good song by them


Que dhr deve ser lá os cara deve pescar a vontade :)

Pistachio Mocha

I wonder if they have insurance for rage monsters.....

Beth Hoffman



Dislike were from poor people


How people discover these is beyond me a face in a mountain faces in gta games are game devs ;-)


Should Ty go through with getting shocked in the finale?

oj jo

people must teach kids about death from early age and we will avoid these kind of stuff


Do more classic Easter eggs


davemarky delin

Signiture dunk

GiraffeGirl Abby

Omg at 4:06 shes watching peppa pig! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 look on the computer at 4:06 LOL 🤣🤣😂😂 did anyone else catche that

Let’s pretend that’s not the same thing

Lost hero

I mean, can't blame ty for getting mad Cody. That's just offensive


Cody got some pit stains

I’ve been doing voice since I was 5

Ana Santos


Hockey Rules96

At 0:49 the metal detector says Garretton it

Remya Rajesh

The too soon guy

Demoknight 69

i loved this movie thx for making it better

[Intro: Che Ecru & Drake]

Pizza Lover

Does everyone remember when Tyler Seguin was on the Boston Bruins...... GREAT TIMES

Brian Collins

Who is Liam hemsworth

And now I’m with friends have a ok self esteem and I’m happy

Wolfy Gacha•-•

I know a challenge for Chandler to win who can stay the longest when you have to eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner but only Chandler can use the loo and drink water

Siddharth Kumar

Why don't the developers make a movie on clash of clans's gonna be superhit....

Wait no, my apologies, IS failing.


You had to add the dust effect didn't you?

Ash sttarlightts

Your face and voice just pisses me off, you seem like a neo nazi so I disliked.haaaa ha no offence


Elias Henriquez


Ana Burleson

go dude perfect i have seen all of your videos if you still have hope for coby smash that like button

My video uploading schedule will be different over the next few weeks as I need to get some videos out, I usually upload on Sunday but because of The Last of Us I'll be uploading a couple days after. This means I will upload a new video before that on Thursday.


The horses in the water is giving me Rise of the Guardians feels.

Impact Games

Welp it’s time to go back to gaming

rakhshanda Kokab


Dakota Daly

OP brain from kid Guru!

Basha Cherry

You all are amazing guys 😍😍😘😘

Mo Jones

Shake it baby

I’m Bella

Do more of these please

Zalikha Ousou

3:38 omg died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wtf??? I need to get my shit together because I thought i was 10 when it came out.. holy sugar honey iced tea

The Bros Club

Omg people just over react when stepping on a Lego, it's not that bad! I have this tub of Lego in my room and I jumped really high in it with no socks on and it didn't hurt. Now if you reply saying to me ' UGH, BUT STEPPING ON A LEGO DOES HURT!' then yeah that's fine it's your opinion, just don't go hanging crap on me because it doesn't hurt me (I'm a god btw)

basketball life

No snakes were harmed lol


Bill gates is that you?