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4 profit

Esme Chavez

Anirban Sarwar

Toy story 4 : im the best animated movie of 2019Frozen 2: Hold my ice tea

Chai Tea

I have severe generalized and social anxiety. To give you an idea of how severe it really is, I'm not able to attend school at all because of it. Even now, writing this comment I'm afraid you'll judge me because of it.


I have the same camera u have taped on your head it costs kind of alot to duck tape it to your head

Jaebian Jassaurat

You play giant bootleflip please

WeWrite WritersBureau

What qualifies you to say these things?


The guy in the video looks like agent 47


what is a mojo


The art and the message are so beautiful


Your videos are too good to be kept in a community this small. Ok, its not small but what i want to say is, that you deserve so much more.

Javeion Cole

you should do one hand edition

Cory Savell


HaiLOy ;D

Art: Milk

Mikey Eckman

Football sterotypes

Lillian wade

Teacher name tell plz

Sport Pro.4K


6:52 The music sounds quite C64-esque.

Josh Gill

so sad I cried 😣😣😣


Weed is the solution

Sirak Taro

Is d lvl 69 "tactician" hidden msg as well? Hehe

Sandeep Chitturi

Who's here after he on got spit on?

Alexandra apocalypse

so does Elsa have to go through all the other Disney movie? What the heck is going on?!

HoldenPlaz Gaming

1:18 me all the time at bowling

Notabotatall _ 27

Human trash anthem

Brooke Czeschin

Does Coby ever win a battle?

Hartanna ღ

See? Y’all keep dreaming. Elsa is not GAY you sick freaks! And the “new girl” everyone thought was in the trailer was ANNA THE WHOLE TIME. Omg how stupid can everyone be -.-

Ramon Souza Santos

Não falo muito em inglês

kyle mestayer

next time yall go bring me

These vids help me have hope.. Idk why...


I wonder how many try's this took

kaiden lee

jesus minute videos used to do some weird stuff

ـسكارت ム .



do a dude perfect WR edition with amari cooper from Bama RTR

Christy Laquindanum

I get angry too much when people around me talking to me like I'm a little boy


cracka fantastic

He Wins a Superbowl*


I guess they never miss haaaaaaaa

Secondly, they teach things that don't need to be taught. Such as, how genders are fluid. Try to change my mind on that and see how far you get. Anyway, they teach stuff like that and leave out important knowledge like the details of Pearl Harbor. (Off the top of my head...Hawaii, December seventh, 1933. Ooh, off by seven years. X) But I'm going off-topic. Most schools are designed to brainwash students. There are good schools, but not many.

Agus Riyanto

New YouTube algorithm 2019 make this video showing up on my recommendation video.....

Daniel Long

damn... was hoping to see some mechahitler action...

Dylan Isabella

My twin was a miscarriage

Rashad Brown

Same with me in my mind.

Morgan James

Rage monster

Destruction 20087

high score 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 100% true not being sarcastic or anything btw for those realistic believers im being sarcastic

Blue Panda

How good do you have to be to do this?

Elizabeththe rainbow

Can you show us how you do this?, (your vids)


2018!?! =3

Diddlypop Hehe

Love it how elle was just playing with slime and her parents were freaking out behind😂😂

Kiran Srivastava

Did he literally just cut the tree

Sometimes its easy breezy no cramps not heavy and no leaks but sometimes its superrrrr heavy with cramps so bad I cant stand and this time I had horrible back pain