Joe Rogan Experience #1070 - Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.Dr. Peterson’s self-improvement writing programs at 20% off for Rogan listeners.Code: ROGAN

LnM Frederick

like i know its a compound but what model?

a potato with no subs

I have lived in England for almost 10 years and because I’m from New Zealand they thought it was fine to just kick us out. Despite the fact that New Zealand is part of the common wealth, speaks English and literally has the English flag on theirs. My mum had to take a test and we were told that if she passes the test we could stay pretty much. She passed the test and yet they still continued to try deport us. After almost 2 years of being declined my parents and I finally got our residency.


I’m not completely sold on this yet, but of course keeping an open mind is crucial. That being said it does look amazing. I’m hoping it’s a Tenkaichi feel but with a Budokai storytelling angle.

IncredibleShots _

Why does it ALWAYS have to be Tyler


He basically did a shit version of Andy sambergs grammy opening


I love you I’m sorry your for what happened in your family ❤️



Joseph Doe

This bitch is more like an anti-social than an introvert.





I just vomited

your sound/voice..


all mw3 has is teddy bears, good work IF you piece of shit

Theo - Lemon

I want to go to the bathroom but I'm too scared


subscribed cuz the good art work ;)

Gaurish Arora


André Prates

Amazing! Keep up the good work

4-Dale like -Gabe

Richard Samuelson

Wait a minute...isn't the Saints Row easter egg the exact same one that's in the first "Top 10 Easter Eggs and Secrets of 2013" or something? What's the point in repeating the same easter egg? People already know what the egg's gonna be...


our lord uploaded. e


Your literally copying it’s ye boi he started off this vid with people in the car too and did this

Oakley Swinford


Vanessa Pacheco

That last animation 👌

Seven Deadly Sins


Dear Esther define tilt got his Easter eggs from ghost hunters.

Michael Chiropoulos

Ok buddy


Friend: Want $10000?

*Chiasa One thousand mornings*

Be proud of being a pilipino

Ella Werner

I have a black version of the postmaters shirt

Ann Marie

How much did they offer you for the pics? 💸

Haider Rizwan

Your saying your father is the nicer one but he was not he was a jerk your step mother was way better than your dad

Bryan Ramaputra

I think it's supposed to be read: "RUN YOU R NEARLY THERE"


This game has DOGE MODE!?

Xtreme Games

I guess somebody will come up with an elaborate theory of how there are different types of the Matrix and that Star Wars shares the same universe with the preceding title.

mahsa _love

Wow! That was great.

איציק עקשטיין

Amazing wow