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Nik Sam

This family likes stripes



Louie Perez

That was a cool video


The problem with this video is that you can’t avoid doing bad things. 1 in 3 strangers you talk to will lie to you at least once and you will probably take a pen from your friend every now and then without asking. Just be glad the bad things you’re doing are not as severe as say robbing a bank or even murder.


Dude, you have such a pointy head.

Caleb Yazzie

Guru I'm going to be waiting ok

Camila Kissesxox msp

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5: I don't have symptoms, even without the anthistamine.

Reinfield - Calamity

U make a legit acutally good pop sicle?!?!

Garrett. Comment

Billybob Dolson

dude prefect im your biggest fan can I get to meet you all and spend a day with you guys couse your the best thanks

Janelle Miranda

lmao why is this on my recommendations

Matt Schaffer

Congrats on 40 mil

ItsJustTheBurka GAMING

R2-D2... No just special effects most of the time and ur making it out to be R2-D2 it's not a Easter egg it's what appears to look like R2-D2!

Prince Biribuze

Another amazing video.

Temperance Robillard

You diuscuting bi*ch Everyone in church: And I oop-

Willow Charrier

anybody recommend any movies in this video for me to watch?


I can't remember when did I subscribe to your channel, probably like two years ago or so, but since then i always look forward to your videos. Never stop man 👌

Jexel Gd 928

That guy needs to stop using aimbot

40% of comments are either about x or Craig zen

music Fs

I get it he wrote his signature and he dunked

Darcy Kipnis

Glad your dad is doing better. I hope he finds a job.

Ana Cantillano

The Mozart in the Jungle scene is the best❤️

( In English: And I did not think Euphoria could be more perfect than it already is! I cheated ugly! Kkkk 🤧💜

Pops For 3 D



0:53 the fish is gutted😂