Learn the Powerful Ichimoku System for Stocks and Forex Trading

This is a full training on how to use the powerful Ichimoku system for Stocks and Forex trading. Professional traders use this tool. It is powerful, versatile and used in various market place. The topics discussed in this video include:Introduction of Ichimoku SystemHistory of IchimokuIchimoku ComponentsKumo Cloud, Cloud ThicknessSupport and ResistanceAnalysing the Cloud: UptrendAnalysing the Cloud: DowntrendTrends and SignalsConversion & Base Line Cross SignalsSTRONG TENKAN SEN/KIJUN SEN CROSS SIGNAL NEUTRAL TENKAN SEN/KIJUN SEN CROSS SIGNAL WEAK TENKAN SEN/KIJUN SEN CROSS SIGNAL Price & Base Line Cross SignalsSTRONG KIJUN SEN CROSS SIGNAL NEUTRAL KIJUN SEN CROSS SIGNAL WEAK KIJUN SEN CROSS SIGNAL Bullish Signals SummaryBearish Signals SummaryHOW TO SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL:Donate:


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