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Deano 123

1:20 NO! His name is lt Dan

(I don't, I don't)


you sir are wrong

Jessi K

tri paloski

Alrighty then


People shouldn't say "I'll never be loved" because there's always someone for everyone ☺️

Nesha morris

I love kendall she’s just HER ‼️🗣 natural and so pretty ❤️

Shadowz _Playz_Pianoz

I dont think that this is the right philosophy when teaching kids. They need punishment to know whats right or wrong and self confidence is something they need to learn to control. As adults they will be insulted and lose self esteem and they need to learn from their parents how to deal with that, its not like your boss is gonna refrain from telling you off to ‘avoid hurting your feelings’.If you never yell at them, never punish them, they will grow up spoiled and be very unprepared for the real world. If you dont have expectations for them then they won’t have motivation to do well in school or get a job, they’ll learn that life is all play and no work. In school and in the workplace they will be compared to eachother so avoiding that to an extent will also produce negative effects.

Renée Tyler



The list of symptoms felt too general to be of help. I guess I would have to see it to understand it. I have a friend with Bi-Polar Disorder and the rapid swing from bubbly and happy with friends to immediately offended/distrustful is very noticeable. After a while, I began to see that this was something she just couldn't help. Aside from your experience of a complete personality change, all the other symptoms you speak of seem like your run of the mill, bread-and-butter life-struggles. Dissociation, derealization, depression/apathy, the seeming fragility of personal relationships (readiness to burn deeply-established social bridges), the ambiguous nature of identity...all of these symptoms must be familiar to just about anyone. The occasional vulnerability to psychotic episodes seems the only distinguishing feature of this disorder. Is there a common nature to these psychotic episodes in people with Boderline PD?

Chattin Bell

imagine a chicken doing the dab

Julian Shipp J.R.

Fantasy 2019 what y'all team looking like

Simone Stroud

Nope cory


Mines the ore dragon flys past hello waves the pick at the dragon hi!

Lan Pham

Hit or Miss I guess you never miss huh

Angelina Mouawad

everyone relax and get over it! do you want them to come out with a video of their cute little baby or not? some of you are so ungrateful, complain when theres new video, and complain because of a doctors reaction in a video? half the doctors around the world wouldn't want to be filmed so chill. Love you LS GANG XX God bless OH AND YEAH Quick update, if you heard the doctor he said they couldn't record there talk but could record the ultra sound so listennnnn

Me the artist

My parents are so stressed with work and always on their computers. They never have time to talk to me. I know I should wait until my Mom has her break in a weeks time but my anxiety is getting really bad and I've been on the edge of a panic attack for the past three nights. I am feeling really anxious right now and I want my parents support but again they are too busy. What should I do?


Drew Anderson

you hould have stephen curry


ahhh I love your name!!

Ollissa The Struggle Artist

Him and his mansplaining azz

Desiray Moore

I want to see more with Luke Bryan. I just now realized that this video existed


Dude prefect vs dude perfect


Ur da best

Fredbear14 Animations and more!

So she is sad because she lost her hair ok she’s not sad because she’s dying

catcat EIEI

What music 0:37

Gaming with Jonathan


Aly Kae

Elsa's parents were alived 😂😂


Lesson? Wear a one piece. They’re sexier

Lara Grosskopff

How my CH is the panda sute


@matheplaya and ure the greatest idiot ever

Scooter RM

I'm def the ball hunter


No adddddddds?

Saints Master

Do ice hockey

123realdeath storm

The third girl looks like a catfish

Hibba Nibba


su m

Y el video???

Don't talk to me I'm emo

I have depression....



Saab Railfan

My favorite GTA was IV but GTA III, Vice city and SA holds nostalagic hearts on it.

Outlaw 2

2019 anybody

Joshua Duchmann

Here’s a joke coby winning

joujou joujou

كوووووووووووووووووووووول مان

nanang kosasi

Annyeong jungkook👐

z fritz

It would really suck to be after him in horse


Wtf are those shits in the ocean

finished the video : and i oop .....