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A look into the life of one of South Africa's Top Forex Trader "Andile Mayisela". Living the life of a trader._____Don't forget to Subscribe with us on social media:Twitter: Trader South Africa is aimed at recognizing the most notable Traders in South Africa and bridging the gap between the larger community and some of SA’s most thriving traders.

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Andrew Balfour

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shade the gamer beast

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PlaguE ImaginatioN

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Manuel Rolon


BakaNarchy - Sansy

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Thomas phil

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Elementa Dimension

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Chase Mueller

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Zachypoo M

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Heraldo Louis

I think you're going to need to make a part 2 for this game because there's a lot of cool easter eggs, like the son of one of the bosses on the first Borderlands, the players head and skins, a lot of stuff

Zoe Falzon

You guys are awesome! I love how you do different things on overtime! You guys are super creative with all the segments! I know that I said that you guys do different things on this show, but, you do the same things like “ Wheel Unfortunate” but I still love you guys!

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Foxy shine

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Small Fry

I can’t stop watching this. Btw. do you search for these easter eggs all by yourself or are you searching around the internet to get them?