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And all my friends said that Clash of Clans is dead. Pathetic.

Sibel Uysc gal

Pro dude perfect

Jxst Gavin

Using frame perfect justification, it is high to low. He is smiling just before the clip plays, and that smile is different once the reverse part plays.

Gian Madison

Lol dude perfect got nothing on me

Because life is a fucking unfair like that to some people. I’m not religous and think that there’s nothing. No memories, thoughts or feelings.

Jungkook Lovee

Some students these days don't like going to school but what if you didn't had the right to go to school and you knew that if you aren't educated you won't get your dream job

Grandma Skittles

I’m not gonna sleep at all anymore

Galactic Pancakes

+FunWithGuru Just cause 3 is coming out soon!

Juan Manuel Hernandez Andua


Tristan Lo

And now he’s hosting meme review XD

Astro_ Happier


persia rooseboom

Such a good video about bullying!!

I tried many medications but none works at last i tried looking for things called REAL FRIENDS and my allergies stoped😂

Caleb Gustafson

ME comander Shepard vs COD general Shepard

Justin Wiley

Your show is great!! Keep up the good work!!! Being is awesome and inspiring

Mc Mack

Why am I an adult watching a little kids movie trailer ?

Dixon Cider

If your were to only have meat twice a week you need to eat fatty cuts like red meat, low cholesterol will make you depressed.

Zahir Elizade

Azerbaijan Hello

Mom in heaven:its that danm phone


Part 2 is out!:


Coby you’re awesome man you are the greatest

Ping Pong Trick Shots 5: intro that costs idk what


That is probrably one of the most deepest stories I've ever heard


D o o d

I Am Legend. A Great Movie

louay playZ/animations and gameplays

When will fortnite mobile come to all mobile devices

Beth Halpain

Love this video too

GladArtifact239 ,

My favorite power ranger is Jason David Frank will there be a part 2 of power ranger

Yeah, New Yorkers aren't going to fuck around when it comes to building evacuation. They know better.

Sebastian Hernandez

My iPad is on 1 %


Do you think If he ends up living really old he will be the first trillionare

played any man's sport. KD BTW is half strength at best so what would that prove?

Spicy Memes

can u talk?

Taya Mikus

Is it just me or does the brother look like her boyfriend in the pictures (this is not a joke I’m sending much love to the girl that opened up to us this is just something I recalled in this video) much love ❤️- Taya

Alan Babu


Neelam Choudhary

J.k rowling 18 people rejected harry potter and oxford rejected her when she wanted to go there and now she has written book worth 15billion

Henry Bonasera

go ty go ty

Prince Garaña

i want tyler quit


Who the hell would know that about Rage, that was one tricky hidden gem.

Theory Animation

You should call these gilm theory get it film and game #gilm theory


O shit

Umar King

I have been feeling like this for about 2 years and I am tired of the world what is life for when you are always throne from places to places I have no good friends and I am not even allowed to leave the house on my on i am not allowed to choose what I want i want to become because I am a girl and weak i can't sleep at night I have hurt myself a lot of times most of the time I am doing fine but I would just go in to the bathroom and would act crazy like I am worthless my parents don't see me as a person but they me as a girl and when I start to cry out of the blue they won't even hug me and just see me as crazy they are not that bad since they give me food and a place to sleep and cloths but no one to understand me I want to die but I have dreams and they have kept me alive for these 2 months

Tetel Siasoco


a defualt boy in a bush

What do teddy bears say after dinner im stuffed 🐻💩

Dominick Herrera

Mi ShY pUt ThE vId On YoUtUbE omg a lick wate y is it blue DAMIT

Mr.c u n t

what "i will get hes pannts" mean?