Live Day Trading - 1 Trade, $1,253 Profits, 3 Minutes

If you watch my other live trade videos, you know that the past few mornings have been very slow for me. The beauty of trading is each day is a new day, so you never know what the market will present you with. In this case, the market handed me a stock set-up that is truly one of my favorites to trade.Find Stocks To Trade Free Resource Guide: More Live Trade Videos: Day Trading Penny Stocks, Live Day Trading Stocks, Live Day Trading Options, Live Day Trading Learn To Trade, Live Day Trading Technical Analysis, Live Day Trading Stock Charts, Live Day Trading Day Trading, Live Day Trading Pull Backs, Live Day Trading $OMER, Live Day Trading $AAPL, Live Day Trading $SPY, Live Day Trading $FB, Live Day Trading $QQQ, Live Day Trading $UGAZ, Live Day Trading and $JNUG


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