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You should go tothe beachandhave asand ballbattleand sandcastle battletogether andwho ever wins I will beon yourteam forever

Awesome Michael39

Ben franklin

Major respect for the mothers out there!

Gianna Rose

I didn't read the title properly and I thought it was jacksecpticeye


Lmao it's 1am at my country😂 n i love this series n idc if tmrw is sch😂😂😂

And now I know I'm not one I'm glad xd


In the baby room, I jumped when the child suddenly got up and walked away at 4:35!

reo okawa


Andrew Tomasone

If Coby was FL he would always be like Cory "My heads on a swivel" (from Blitzball trick shots 3)

Manuel Squaglia


Denis Wasylyev

Где лица персонажей с кино? Так не интересно...

nivedha ramadoss

TYE - like

The Unknown

Mum: I don’t even get why u were even born in the first place!

Lauraine Kamga

Wait she’s 8 and has a phone. I’m 11 and I don’t have mine yet

why ari so kewl

so many beeps

Alison Kwok

This is so sad :c

Veerendra Joshi

I wanna buy it. Do you guys deliver in India

keep it up!👍👍


If that food machine was real it will solve world hunger...

Sara Sjöström

Yes I love you meeble and pursue ur model career

Parvin Akter

Sorry for lost it’s really sad


Thank you for the great video!

Brendan Kelly

This is my favorite trick shots video


Guru,i started having a tradition since i saw your vids....dunno how...and why but everytime i see one of your videos,i go to the kitchen,grab a cup of milk and hot chocolate,go to my bathrom and sit quietly wile i drink the hole cup with the just makes my day man...thanks for the videos it makes me feel just so great. <3


Why recommend me to this day after Valentine’s Day? Are u assuming is broken up with my bf or something not that I have one but still

James Toole

I think the guy wanted him out of the way of that girl he was sitting by. Lowry was being a lazy butt and just talking his time as if he has the right to just stand all over those people. Give me a break NBA

Dianna Coleman

Damn this is dope.

Kat _ D . J

I will accept death. I’m a Christian, so I know that when I die, I know that I did my job to help others become believers.

teeba baker



Kitty Kid

I’m the activity guy

Has two more children

So like it maybe......?

Cooper Laforge



1. Sry that englisch is my 4th language and 2. and sry that i dont care about my grammar, when im using my mobilephone or ipod :b

Gamerkid Boss

poor whale :(

Star Wars Info

I’m the guy that loses his ball and goes into the woods and just sorta drops oneSo I guess I’m the magically finds his ball guyYeah and untrustworthy score guySo long story short I cheat occasionally and I still suck


La pièce est à côté de la tirelire

Seems Legit


M.C. Joe

1:48 WTF!?

Dude she passed away and you say she is passing away