Live NFP Trading Session!

I conducted a live NFP trading session on my Instagram on the first of December. This is the video as it took place. AQ M&S Does not take ownership of your trades. The trades that you place are done so at your own risk.SOCIALS:AQ M&S INSTAGRAM: aqm8smy personal Insta: xiabdulixmy snapchat: xiabdulix


You guys are going to be great parents, I'm so happy for you both.

Louay Orfi

2:57 my favourite shot



Tara Dean

I love Simply Crepes! <3 Live in Seattle now but wow I still talk about that place sometimes!

Mary Larsen

SO proud to share a birthday with the Marble Man!!!


Anyone saw the Philippines flag 0:05

Haha & Co.

Wait... Does that mean that Duke Nukem Forever is a dream? O.O

Axel Zuniga

Can you guys do anotherarpa in

Connor Clarke

You dove 0:05

Mats van der Made

That people who Saïd 2 Year’s ago like i am watching this in 2018🤨

Eddie Ferraro

I'm jamming his sonar!

Ella Rose

screams in australian

Josh Tyson

never saw someone so excited to lose $50

Murica Fuck Yeah !!!

We all have to die , no one experiences this alone .

rocky 28

Make a new stereotypes video

Daniel Alex

what the flip?

•kathryn thompson•

I ate ramen and Taco Bell for lunch and ate 6 rice crispies for dinner 😂😭😭

Cameron Buxton

I can swim a mile for scouts and I am 11

Adoption is an option.


Im so jealous this dude fucks IG model Katya BUT HES MEXICAN SO I FUCK WITH HIM 🇲🇽

Kevin Estrada



Do more baseballs

after each trick shot 😂

dominic caouette

Did u see panda in the background lmfao

Uptown Customs

Panda was wearing the same shoes as the guy on the orange bike in black shirt

kluckk cowington

Dude perfect swimming pool trick shots like skipping a ball through all the lap lanes and backflip basketball shots into the water like if you agree

Michonne Grimes




christopher tune

Cant believe they revealed this at e3

Qu4ntum Dr4g0n

i like your real voice explainig the easter eggs

10k subs with under 10 vids challenge

Everyone: How accurate will the characters be?

Kimberly Murphy

When I play football at school I’am Dallas

Phantom Stallion

How does Cory know exact know what the others got

Why is one boob smaller the the other

Qualified Gamer

Panda have some good basketball skills

kiikknadzee Natta

"I could put my fingers on my ferearm"

Matthew Schoenemann

The bottle buster strikes again!