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Hazley Gang


no name

That was so me .. i do acknowledge it when i start my internship in this year then out of nowhere the anxiety always come up when i met a guy that i like also use to be my sv n hope he can see a beauty side of me but i always end up mess him up with something that he doesn't like ... hmm,totally my anxiousness become more misery after that bad day happen.don wan to tell story but it totally nerve wrecking when we start to make an eye contact at each other.i do hv that anxiety but now i can reduce it by not overthinking about it n live your life that it.

Navarre Latchman

If you are fat, just lose weight.

katleen nobles

Im an introvert for kpop

Edit: Watched the first episode, it was pretty good.

And all that matters is that you're being you and not worrying about what others say, because when you worry about what others say, it makes you have low self esteem makes you doubt yourself which is unhealthy for your health and mind.

Leon Lowery

Why panda 🐼🐼🐼


In far cry 4 there is a reference to indiana jones the last crusade where there are lost of golden cup on shelves and a diary next to them

Ava Bravenboer

To Coby, l know you have been going through tough times and l just want to make shore you show Ty how to win a battle one day, because l believe in you and also l still have altamite respect for Ty. But l know one day you win a battle.

Nam Khánh Nguyễn

5:49 a car is on the celling :v

Swazie _

I am a rainbow baby and I just know you will get one too

FaLse sip1233

Bill gates

ArErTeam1 ArErTeam1

2:40 Best one lol

Elijah M.

Happy Easter!

Kaz Kobb

Awesome work Guru!!! Happy Early Halloween!!! =)


"Home of the 12th Man" Completely describes this.

Just DK

GURU keep up the great work I love  the smooth quality of your videos and I hope u keep growing

Véronique Valembois

Comment La carte a peu cassé une empoule

Shweta Golchha


James-Lachlan McCallum

Can you take the cow/rubber duck/pogo stick to a garage and call them in via rebel drops?

Game On

The ? Should be something that the dudes have recently done.


No way you play all these games and find all of the easter eggs you post. That would be so time consuming :O


4:04 Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine...

Totaldomination Too2

Corey won a game

Jose's Playtime

I have that kind of ball

(It's a joke don't @ me)

Ashley Schaeffer BMW


I got nothing against brony's!

CP Chong

i dun get the first Easter Egg, will be appreciate if someone can explain

sumiko subliminals

Is nobody going to say how they wore the same clothes throughout the whole story?


Anyone else noticed the zipper to his sweeter/hoodie/jacket is on his back?


the best part of his videos, is when he rhymes with his facts! hats off to this guy, hes a living legend!

Slumped Up Wifi

Amazing video. As always. Keep up with the good work

Molly Bigler

4:30. 22 bounces

Play dough, puzzles And more!

Saw the headquarters today (DP)

Kyle He

How to troll people

Jet Lee

Kiki chino lacko Priam Kia la mas los penis

Hunter white

Green Bay packers

Captain REX 42

Nice job you have heart


They literally have the same specs for ps5

Michal Krejčí

Petra Kvitová is better

The Pug World!

Like my life but worse but take out the ptds and the divorce and put in like another thing I forget what it’s called is 80hd and something else so ya I get ya so don’t feel so bad

Aldo Montecinos

whos the panda?

JJ GamingDK

2018 anyone?

Z3r0ne_ wk

That first verse was so fire


The guy who was riding the orange bike is he the panda

what if we agree on one point, but not on others? Is it a lesser evil sort of question? in fucken collage choosing fucken classes at 7 am for some reason


I would have died if that green Clap Trap would have started to talk in BMO's voice :D