Los 3 Pasos Para Ser Trader Rentable



I am scared of a deadly disease.... Every time i am affraid from new. One..... Cycle goes one....


thanks adam sandler for the no commentary!

Will Thompson

They need to do one with Mike Trout

Seaner 33

Tyler and Jammie are Canadian

We’re a new YouTube channel and it would mean a lot if we could get a few extra subs

Candice Perry

Having you're own child is fun&exciting

Living of $1 a day challenge 😂


Rohim Abdul


noah miller

one time I was walking and I found this big log, and I rolled that log over and under it was a tiny little stick and i was like that log had a child


-_- I guess those 958 people who disliked are either terrorists or just don'tlikethe USA

Psychotic Tv

Good for you.


lmao!!! snow mobiles are for pussies! lmao!

Daniel Johnson

I know this is inappropriate but those scars look bad-see like a boss

Radio Ranger 12

Conner mcdavid

Jared Simon

how in the heck do you guys get access to do this stuff?

Mrhani 55

+Rasmus andre falk i am a play station gamer. What did valve EVER FOR PS4 GAMERS? THATS RIGHT NOTHING!! I have NO computer to download steam on AND I SAY TO YOU THAT EVERY GAME WOULD NOT NEED TO PAY FOR SOME FREAKING MODS SO JUST SHUT THAT F#CK UP!!!

pro all


tea time with kermit

90% of the comments - Adidas= Like Puma = Comment!

Maxim Gun

I was wondering if the running gag would have it's own video

Lion Tracks

I like this perfect dude video lol

Jenna Schwinn

I said connect 4


Nice transitions at the start.

Dodge the doge

I would have won that easy


I can't believe you had Bode Miller in the video, that guy is my idol!

Mang Crow

That outback brownie is pretty good. It's like a nut in your mouth with every bite.


I have high fiction ink autism and it can suck. It mainly is because of all the stuff that comes with it, but mainly 2-3 things. Number 1, depression. This one is a given why it sucks and since I am an in elevated learning program, it can be TOUGH when I process stuff slowly, working 5-6 hours a day just to get homework done, never succeeding. Then adding the depression aaaannndddd you get a kid who thinks they can do nothing right, and is picked on at school (not like him, more just that I ALLWAYS try to make people follow rules, and so I am a target) and starts hating themselves, but thankfully that is getting fixed. Number two is ADHD which makes it hard to focus, along with processing stuff slower AND feeling really guilty when it doesn't get done makes stuff worse. Thankfully, all this is hopefully going to get better from here. 😋


i really don't want to go to school anymore.. I've been having a bad grades recently, so I've been thinking.. what if I'll go stop studying.I do sleep alot then I forgot I have homeworks to do.. i didn't pass my school projects in due date.. and I do get stressed easily. But I was also thinking about my future.. so here I am... still studying with a bad grades 😵 I was really thinking if i could pass grade 9 😭 I do think I have Anxiety 😵 😂

Michael Jarrett

1:31 This makes me a saaaaad panda :(


Ending your videos with original mini jingles per episode over some footage of cute animals is one the best artistic decision you took as a video maker/Youtuber I think. Appreciate it a lot. I guess the recipes are good too