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Sergio Noguera

Like qui es millonario🔥🔥

William Dominating

Where is he now

Tom M

dude it looks like its gogin way right haha thats awesome


I'm watching this with a Adidas jacket on

Little Beve and little bow Princess

I'm happy I'm not the much bipolar but I do see shadows sometimes sometimes I'm very sad a lot of times I'm very mad


LOLhe shit himself

Coby Barbosa



That last clip damn.

Blanca Devillada

I'm eating honey nut Cheerios and milk and Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Me: Well, that's not good.


NIce episode once again, Guru! :D

Clickbait Mango

Any one 2019

Nathan Whitworth

its the end guys hes gone :'(

thats crazy you ever done DMT?

reply bait


I’m in the UK though, ain’t no city you’re coming to near me!


On the beginning of the game Kane and lynch Kane is writing that letter

Ashley Maria

Sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a pet is like losing a part of your soul. Hold your memories with her close to your heart. All will mend over time, the sorrow will pass yet the love will always stay ♥️🐶💎

Marko Catovic

Help the homeless man in NY!! Plz


no the dinasaure I think is because of the dinausor toy in battlefield 3


Gacha Iris

Poor chandler

Shrek Ogreton

Storyboard: J E S U S


I Like Mirrors Edge To!!!!!

Al Cuja

Waaait Waaaait so The Zombie Story are only 2 kids Playing Which Plastic Soldiers so its The End of Zombies NOOOOOOOO!

Mark Matt

good times

K, ur life is over




Wow....Now i feel lucky to be alive and being grown by both of my real parents for 11 years (I'm 11 years old) ..I didn't think that mothers lose they're babies but I hope that Your baby girl is watching over you and that when you will give birth to a real child she will be with you don't worry I'm sure that one day you will see her and you will get to hold her in your arms. I'm sure that she's really proud of you for giving birth to her even though she was already dead..Because the pain my mother went to while giving birth to my little brother must've been more painful than it looked and seeing how so many Women's go through that pain makes ms wanna go there and support them. I wish i could supoort you and be by your side but i can't..don't worry though that baby girl will always love you.

Martyr Loxe

I suffer of GAD and panic attack because of bullying and traumas of the past.

venawartmander :3

The shading was so good here

Kick iF

Arma 3: We gather here today to respect the death of CoD. babies cry in the background Battlefield, will you do the honors?

The real Smiley

Rip for Lilith

Francine Mae Martinez


Gabs Toy Adventure

Who thinks her powers come from her aunt

Aya Sinno

Road to 1 mil



Aj Watt


Swole Godz

Anyone know how to change batman's suit?

Azizul Ratan


robert nyamongo

Its okay to be different


coby realy stink at battlesok

T. O.D


BillyBob BoBoss

And the movie hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Btw the food looked like egg tajin

Kainers 1

i saw boobies ;)

Police: FBI OPEN UP! slams on door

Jill durham

I had a relationship similar to this one. Two of them actually. They were both just friends. Oh well. Life's too short. I was abused by the person I thought was my closest friend. Turns out she was my enemy the whole time. I didn't see these signs at all. They were the small stuff. It was emotional abuse. She blamed me for everything to her mom and her mom threatened to call my mom several times when it was her fault. Now she is in an emotional abusive relationship with some other girl. She won't get out of it. I tried telling her several times Jordan's not who she says she is but she won't listen to me. Her name is Michelle Emily McGhee.

freinds forever hehe

they are so magic

Mook2x Ava

This is how many times she said @ if anything

Lydia Garcia

Okay just totally skip tier 2 it went from 1 to 3 wtf 😂😂

Its Leanette

I’m scared of death bc I don’t know what happens after (do we just blackout, go somewhere) I’m also scared to loose my family bc there will be no other people like them when I die

Shinda Khosa

that is so cool

Karson Zerrusen



Cory laughed at Cody for being chosen this time but little did he know...

Victoria Lawlor

How were you alive 1918....... the hell!!!!!!

Susan Jane

Omg how horrible! I bet people were thinking it's the start of 911 again. 😭 sympathies to the families of those who died.

Arms are Heavy