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Girl Shadow

I am confusion .-.


Oh man thx thx that will be awesome

Harri Elmer

Actually they were only out for half an hour =)

king johthan

the question is, is gta v supose to be a supirior game to the rest by rockstar because i would find that a little hard to believe

Emma Catherine

For the wheel unfortunate have the? Be take a piece of paper well flying to New York and when you get to New York off of the plane have some one signed the paper and come back

Mac Bartkowski

Oh damn that's Earl

Kaushik Sai

I feel sorry for you. Hope you get better!!! I wish all the best ☺😊

Cp sprinkles

great video love it!!!

Also Jaiden: So, I peed on my wallet.


Guru, can you make some easter eggs that involve "Movie References" for GTA V? There are a ton.

muheka bella


Nathan Lil-D

Face reveal soon? Idk would be kinda cool to see the man behind all of these great vids.

Earthworm Sally

Damn I thought I was ugly I’ve always hated the way I looked and was overweight(I’m not lying my BMI used to be like 26) A person called be fat once but now that I think about if no one actually called be ugly

adrian blinded

u ever think to urself what if they mess up


He fine 😍😍

Michael Diambrosio

saints row one was good after that... SHIT

Charles Crack

0:50 bloody Jews

Isabelle 3

Part 2??

Der Zobbien

Google+ ruined youtube

Sam _

Yeah I can think of at least 5 more off the top of my head. Could probably do another top 20


harrry's sense oh humour is too much, im dead 😂

Luca Smyle

When you realize that they would be the deadliest in The Purge but the most useful in the Zombie Apocalypse

The One You Worship

Great video bro, keep it up😃


This is probably the only sequel that is better than the orginal

Holly Lyttle

go cobe

super gamer 45

Serbia is the best

منصور الظاهري

اذا انت عربي لايك

Fabio Rivero


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1:39 feels good

Awaz Yousef

I almost cry

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If I get 4 likes my dad is going to buy me a ps4

But I'm a pissed off girl.


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