Making €10,000 scalping the market in the morning.

Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android

Grenade Boy

I love the music towards the end part


if 2018 heres a refrence 4:12 = baldis music lel


man i wish i could hang out with you guys. you guys make anything you do fun

Tim Kelley

It's cool how they let fans come up to the office

Ėk Ö

Dangle on Ty my dudes

Shorty Payne

As a QB, this video makes me very happy.. :D (zero Fs given if it took a few tries)


Team ty

Kevin Brodie

Ty winner every time

"Biggest mmo" P.s. This is Miraculousladybugsuperfan909


1:41 lol!

Maya Bhalerao

Tiny pong for singles


These guys would make real c.o.d. throwing knife trickshots lol

Oof Fam


Void. _Potato


Ryan B


blarshy _

Adopt kids

Christopher Fornicola

Mceelie1 I totally agree with u bro!

Ardenne Mcfarlane

Yo tiny Tom AWEEEE SO CUTE! <333


Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you guys 💗🎉

Universal Cute Girl

This sucks hah

Mandy Maione

that's so big!

Thomas Focht

I like the you did the Penney wise


So is this gonna be a new game?? Or a new mode?

Red Robin

Justin beiber as nathan drake? defuq!

Silver Stream



Happiness they say.. ahhaah.. thats what i wont ever have.. being pessimist like me is killing you but once you got taken by depression,anxeity or paranoia there is no way out. This man showed you the sense of life people. Other people dont have much time unfourtenatly because they dont get a chance to live long like you and they do respect the life they have even if it will end so fast. Respect everything you have and live every day like its your last day. See good in bad and that is success not finishing usless school to learn something that you dont need in your life to learn a lot of shit and to get stressed to be under a pressaure just because humanity and whole world went down. Spend your time with family,friends or anyone else dont make memes here dont waste time by getting pictures and likes on instagram or facebook dont tweet on tweeter etc go play outside even if you are adult or kid that doesent matter go play live a life because techonolgy isnt life. Find yourself and find the meaning of your life but carefuly and slowly think about it! I wish you all best in life people if just 1 person listen to my advice i will be extremly happy. Good luck!

Jacob Norris

1000 percent the steak at Texas Roadhouse is better and it’s not even close.



Sammi's Channel


Me:*screams goes outside*. .....HE GOT THE GOLDEN BUZZER!

Crystals Cartoonz

Bruh I would've fought back and probably killed them.

Holden Pearo

Who is panda?!?!

Leandro Perez

Search for Easter Eggs Series in METAL GEAR SOLID plz

Tincho DS

What's the difference between this and the others 10 games of dbz? they all look the same to me... Its like Tenkaichi budokai, but with better graphics...

lil plxnk

Please do wrestling stereotypes

jan kowalski

Von braun presenting V2 rocket he wins


everybody check me out please!!! im a girl trick shooter and some people say im the best girl trick shooter on youtube!!!(:-Ms.Amazing!

Rhett Jones

Nowadays, dude perfect is becoming more of a comedy show. I wish they kept some more trick shotting up.

Nate Holford

Tyler's eye thow

Ma.Irene Fuentes

Cool flip

Cara Henderson

have a slam dunk contest with him

randomhappygamer2 moomoocow

This is not okay. The "real story" where the girl has her "opinions" is homophobic. She is saying as quote from ÆONS "you're saying people cant be who they are and have basic rights."

TheMorriz GamerZ

when i do a mistake, i keep bringing it back up and worrying about it. ive got a little bit of anxiety and i used to go to cams but not now. I dont wanna go back because im shy.

Elliott Davis

Coby will never win

Caleb Reed

Yes he will

Bhudev Sharma

you should film Cristiano ronaldo

Noob gamers

Wear a dress in next battle vid

Moose Hadram

Chris is still stuck in 2015 ,the same voice note the same in everything, is like I’m listening to his old song (Don’t judge me)or(new flame).The only thing that made this song good and different is Drake.

teeba baker


18:24 and coffee.

Victor Santiago JR

I love the purple hoser gar because i like purple

You Tube

But... But...I thought the mics were fake and didn't actually work and they were just plastic

Luke K


Luis Sierra Flores

Que mamada es esta?


literally all the comments say the same thing so ima say this because I'm me IF ONE OF Y'ALL DAMN TRUMP LOVERS COME OVER HERE AND SAY SHIT-


Ty missed the bag