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Chaerim 채림

I'm the anxious type I think. But it's not my parents fault.

The Clairvoyant Healer

I hope they grow old together!! Cuties+


Your jump cuts are horrendous. Who taught you how to edit?

John Schnatter

5:23 XD

vertex vision coolbird

Purple hozers anyone



Hellga Domenniqui

Eu só queria ser alguém que a Kylie gostasse muito kkkkkkkk #migs

Vapor Waterson

Bullied to depression

Azure Alpha


one minute facts

Killing cap was not the end😠😠😠


If i got a dollar for every pixel in this video...

Terri Scott


Danish Darren

Thats awesome how did you do that

Final Fantasy I don't wanna play no games, play no games (Oh)

Dru Bower

Bruh if you were born in 1900 how the Heck are you alive??!!!????!! OHHH did they have a. Voice actor?

Vincent Calabrese

47. 9. 8. In a game with no klay and no kd and he is disappointing? Lmaoooo this guy is crazy

Michelle Soriano

todd gurley

Matthew Gaksch

I hope death is just like a endless dream, But nobody knows

Roronoa zoro

Wow....indonesian bahasa


I couldn't get through all 10 min I'm out

Jeremiah's Smith

Jeremiah's Laila's

Reached out to school counsellor I just think I need a little free time

mööd åudiøs

"my grades got lower"

Lps Jocy

Don’t get me wrong, but why do the guy look from the guy from “Big Hero 6?”

Anthony McKenna

Did you make your profile picture, and if so whose face is the silhouette?

Laura_ Alexe

Ooooo she callin' out Frank

Evan Belsky

Panda Always Takes 1 For the Team

Dorian Cabrera

Se acostó temprano, mañana hay que estudiar, eh


And it was 97********