Metatrader 4 : how to Trad with chart and pairs in MT4 (Part14)

its' totally about metatrader 4 in URDU/Hindi In this lecture Forex Ustaad has explain the Metatraderin detail step by step. Also highlight some important points that should be remembered during trade. What are their impact on trading. What are the major points discussed in this videos areWhat is Time frame and why it’s so imported in metatrader?How to change Change language in metatrader?Login and logout account / Delete in metatrader?How to Market watch in metatrader?Add symbols / Delete symbols in metatrader?Open new charts with 5 ways in metatrader?How to manage Window menus and charts properties of metatrader?How to Open and closing orders in metatrader?How to Modifying orders using metatrader?How to Watch account history in metatrader?How to enter Pending orders in metatrader?How to set Trailing stop using metatrader?How to watch Profit display using metatrader?How to draw Objects line in metatrader?How to add indicators in metatrader?How to Make Template of metatrader?How to manage profiles in metatrader?If you need to ask any question about forex feel free to visit or whatsapp on +923456542380______________/LINKS\_____________________________► Facebook:➜ ► Facebook:➜ Twitter:➜ Google+:➜ Website:➜ ► Whatsapp:➜ +923456542380______|Watch More Videos|_________________ ► What is Forex and how to earn from Forex Trading in Pakistan ? ► How to open account in Forex market Urdu/hindi ? to use metatrader in Exness?

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