Mindset Of Insanely Successful Traders! | Forex Trader Motivation

In this Forex trader motivation video, you will hear a compilation of advice from successful traders on how to develop the proper mindset to trade for a living.SUBSCRIBE TODAY: interviews used for this video:- Jerremy Newsome (1): Mandi Pour Rafsendjani:Dale Pinkert: Jason Graystone: Steve Ward: Jeremy Newsome (2): SOCIALForex Trader Community (Facebook Group): @desiretotradeIG: @etiennecrete// WATCH MORE: COUNTRIES I'VE VISITEDCanada - - Kong - Malaysia - - - - MUSICDavid Cutter Music - Applepie - ABOUT MEMy name is Etienne Crete (from Montreal, Canada). I'm a swing Forex trader and help aspiring Forex traders develop a trading method that works for them so they can produce income allowing them to live with more freedom.I blog at and host the Desire To Trade Podcast. I was fed up with the “fake” millionaire traders and the “get-rich-quick-trading guys”. That's why you can expect more free content from me than what other people charge for!If you truly want to succeed in Forex trading, I believe you need to keep working on yourself so you can improve your strengths, but also your weaknesses. Do not focus solely on what you're good at.// DisclaimerThis video expresses my personal opinion only. Forex trading is risky. Make sure you are ready to trade. Even this will not guarantee you positive results. I am not responsible for any losses incurred due to your trading or anything else. I do not recommend any specific trade or action.// AFFILIATEThe camera I use (Canon EOS M6) tripod I use: Sirui 3T-35K I use to edit: Final Cut Pro (Mac)AFFILIATE LINKSThank you for trusting me with my truthful and reliable opinion on any future purchase you may make. I always disclose this information when it is the case. As part of the Desire To TRADE family, you allow me to be able to use affiliate/referral links when suggesting items for purchase. As a customer of the products I refer, you help me sustain the time and resources to create content on this channel by generating revenue from your sales. This doesn't affect you in any way in the checkout process (I'm sometimes even able to arrange a discount for you that is special from other customers).

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P.S. Great Video!

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Can I please have some context

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i reckon at 100mil subscribers they should actually explain to us who panda is

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My friend Sigourney Weaver told me to watch this video

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I can related to the hobbies in the video & being a person with autism,this warms my heart and almost made me cry

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Once a team coby always a team coby

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I wonder if James is behind the camera🤪


I don't smoke but I'm jst watching this vid to convince me even more that i shouldn't smoke

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this video is absolutely heartwarming. This shows how nice and christian Dude Perfect is!


Tyler is the best and all of you guy are the best

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My favourite shoot was the sun roof shot

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What's the deal with the Quake egg in Rage with the two portals ? Easy and Normal next to the two portals but you just went back ? Where do the two other portals go ? WHERE ? I MUST KNOW !

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Your story is inspiring

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0:04 hell yeah you got a problem buddy

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I'll watch it in dub for a better understanding of the anime after I'll watch the sub for that expression of the characters..that's my opinion to watching anime

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Easter eggs are so weird and creppy ;~; well these type are.


Do you think in the 2nd round by watching it Cody cheated


I am so happy that I have a daughter right now so I can go see the movie with her without being judged.

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Holy shit!!!! You talked, I never thought I would hear your voice XD

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Is it a trailer? They seem more a bunch of random parts of the movie (producers must be drunk)

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