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Joshua Amoro

The last part where there were stones, is similar to the one on brave...


hi dude perfect i am your biggest fan i watch you ever week

Jake Baillargeon

My friend Johnny got227

Ma! I got a thing going here.

The Lioger

I heard they were also working on mulan relastic movie !

Clare The Cat

Woah what?? I thought stuff like that was absolutely schizophrenia- and I'M BIPOLAR!

shan ice

since i only have one month to study

Chris Battaglia

He kinda looks like Hiro from big hero 6

Me: 0:50

reshant Garg

How you made this aeroplane

🔗: or then you just become a baby again

My computer is broken

Janay B

Did anayone else not know that pogo sticking had world championships?Maybe I should quit college and become a pogo sticker

Evelyn Kuntz

How hard was that

Robert Rilh

Now we need Asmr in video games :D

Hank Roelofsen

will Coby ever win a battle?

Marissa O’malley

*me listening to this

the hyung

dumb mistres


Go Mariners

EJ Morgan

How long does it take you to take those trick shots. Ima huge fan.

Ava jewel Strickland

When are u guys gonna upload today? It's Tuesday 😁

Conrad Lippsmeyer

No disklike that is dumb

GJ Arollado

I feel exactly the same thing as "ann" does that mean i have anxiety??

Henry Dinh

I'm so glad you are doing this

Tomato Framed

Wait what is noctis coming in tekken 7?!?

Baldi land

REALLY REALLY THE?worst!ending

Especially suicidal thoughts.


Its funny how successful this group has gotten in 10 years..

Generic geometry dash youtuber

what kind of anti-aging spell did you use this was posted 7 years ago

Danii Chan


black knight

Toy Story 4 oR FroZeN 2?


Dude perfect is awesome👍😀😎🏀🏈🏉🏐⚽️🏓🎱🏒⚾️⛳️🏑🏏🏹🏂🚴🏊⛷⛷⛷🎳

Jolley Sports Kids

I’m the Lie ImproverThat’s Playable Mood Swing My Brother isMood SwingTee Box TalkerShadow GuyInsists On Trying A Happy GilmoreMr. Big Foot

Elisha Palmer

My best move is the no looker


wow Wtf, our commercials is not like that but it's funny lol

Apple Panetta

Nice shot ty

Grizzy YeetusNiy

Anyone that thinks this is fake is a poopy head

Gaby Ramos

4:32 o my


Looks don't matter